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Dash DCAF150GBGY02 Air Fryer Review

Have a big family or love to entertain tons of friends and family in your home? Then this Dash DCAF150GBGY02 Air Fryer is NOT a good fit for you.

BUT if you’re single, ready to mingle, and a bit lazy when it comes to cooking you’re in luck.  The Dash DCAF150GBGY02 Air Fryer is a small inexpensive air fryer unit great for 1-2 people. (So you can make crispy french fries, golden brown delicious fried chicken, and even “healthy” fried Oreos in mere minutes… with less oil and guilt).

Check out the Dash air fryer unit.


Easy to use, very intuitive (all Dash products seem to be very intuitive, this air fryer unit is no exception!)

Good for cooking small amounts of foods quickly.

Simple clean up and very little set up too.


Will need to invest in a bigger unit if looking to cook for 2+ people.

Non-stick gets scraped off easily if you scrub hard or don’t use plastic-tipped utensils.

Cooks very hot!  You’ll need to experiment with shorter cook times to avoid burning food.

Review Of Product

Ease of Use- 4.5/5

Most Dash products are simple to use.  You don’t have a million buttons and a 10-pound instruction manual to leaf through before using.  However, the DCAF150GBGY02 Air Fryer uses dials (meaning it’s analog- not digital).  

These analog dials can be small and tougher to read.  Plus, as with all analog dials, you can’t punch in the precise time and temp you want to cook at.  The result?  The DCAF150GBGY02 Air Fryer can cook a bit hotter or go for a bit longer than you expect making it a bit tougher to use.

Safety- 3/5

Connected to the ease of use, the DCAF150GBGY02 Air Fryer does cook hot.  Being a small unit means less space to heat.  Because of this, you’ll need a buffer area and even a trivet or towel under your unit to allow for good ventilation.  (Some users complain about counters cracking from the heat!).  

Again, this is pretty rare but can happen depending on your unit and your counter top so be careful!

Space – 4.5/5

Air fryers are usually girthy pieces of kitchen tech.  Despite that, the Dash DCAF150GBGY02 air fryer unit ranks high since it is on the smaller side.

Meaning it’s a great choice for anyone with a small kitchen (or couples with small appetites) who still want to enjoy tasty crispy food with less oil.

We did ding this Dash air fryer unit a bit because you do need a few inches of “breathing room” between this unit and the wall.  Because the unit runs hot, it’s important to get good airflow around it for safety.

Cooking Capacity – 3/5

It shouldn’t be a surprise by now that this unit is tiny but mighty.  That’s why it sits right in the middle for cooking capacity.  Is it large enough to feed a family of four? No.  However, it’s a good size for appetizers or for a meal fit for one.  

Meaning, if you’re expecting a banquet instead of a meal for one you’ll be disappointed.  However, if you’re cooking one serving you’ll be happy with your results.

Finished Products-  4/5

Similar to cooking capacity, the finished product is based on cooking smaller foods.  You can’t expect good results cooking a whole chicken or even a whole bag of frozen fries.. But cooking smaller portions with almost no oil, a simple clean up, and in record time produces a great finished product.

How Does It Compare?

The Dash DCAF150GBGY02  air fryer unit is definitely not your only choice.  Here are a few other options so you can see how they stack up.

GoWISE USA GW22633 Air Fryer Unit

GoWISE USA GW22633 Air Fryer
Ease Of Use:6/10
Cooking Capacity:9/10
Price:$ (Check the best price)
Our Rating7.4/10


Has a handy rotisserie attachment to  cook a whole chicken in an hour!

Best warranty we’ve seen, covers 1 year.

Great for couples or families of 4.


The handle is connects to the inside tray so you can easily drop grease and food everywhere.

Only suitable for plastic-tipped utensil, otherwise scratches easily.

Need to pause AND resume cooking to change time or temperatures.Cosmetic issues happen too, although they don’t affect the cooking.

Philips Air Fryer Avance Turbo Star Air Fryer Unit

Philips Air Fryer Avance Turbo Star Air Fryer Unit
Ease Of Use:8/10
Cooking Capacity:8/10
Price:$$$ (Check the best price)
Our Rating7.6/10


Simple and intuitive to use right out of the box.

Clean up is a breeze with this unit. The non-stick surfaces last well.

Well-made solid unit, should last for a while.


Temperature control maxes out at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Practically a lot of recipes ask for higher temperatures than this.

Temperature dial goes in 25 degree intervals, can make it tougher to get precise temperatures set fro cooking.

Can take longer to cook because the temperature doesn’t pass 400 degree fahrenheit.

The Elite Gourmet EAF2612D Air Fryer

The Elite Gourmet EAF2612D Air Fryer unit
Ease Of Use:9/10
Cooking Capacity:8/10
Price:$$ (Check the best price)
Our Rating8.4/10


Very safe! The Elite Gourmet doesn’t get hot to the touch. Safe for kids to help out with during dinner time.

Smaller unit, makes it perfect for cooking for 1 or couples.

Dishwasher safe for nearly effortless clean up.


The dial is tough to operate because the unit is analog.  

Can cause your temperatures to be off just a little while cooking.  Especially at high heat a minute or two can make or break your meal.

Will take multiple rounds of cooking if preparing food for a family of 3 or more. (Or if you’re cooking up a storm for friends.

The Truth About The Dash DCAF150GBGY02 Unit..

Being only one guy who can only eat so much, I scoured the internet to see what others thought of the Dash DCAF150GBGY02 air fryer unit too:

Dash DCAF150GBGY02 air fryer review
Dash DCAF150GBGY02 air fryer review

People Also Ask..

Do you put oil in a dash air fryer?

Yes- but you put in much less compared to other cooking methods. And many recipes do not require any oil at all. I recommend adding in non-stick oil, or using an oil mister, just so your food does not stick to your air fryer.

Otherwise, the oil can help improve browning, crunch, and taste!

Do air fryers use a lot of electricity?

In general, air fryers use less energy than your oven to heat up. The name “air fryer” is a bit misleading because these work similar to small ovens. However, older models of air fryers- which tend to be larger and slower- will use more energy than smaller models.

Which is better microwave or air fryer?

Research shows that air fryers preserve more nutrients in the food you cook. In that sense, air fryers are the better appliance.

Also- since microwaves work by heating up the water in your foods, it tends to make food soggier than your air fryer.

Should You Invest In The Dash DCAF150GBGY02 Unit?

I’d say yes IF you’re looking to use your air fryer for smaller portions or to cook smaller meals.  That’s why it made the list for our top 3 air fryer recommendations for small kitchens. There are better units if you’re looking to feed a small army.  However, if you’re looking for basically a better version of a microwave, you’re good to go.  

And by better version of a microwave I mean.. Reliably quick cooking times, minimal clean up, no added oils..  

PLUS you don’t end up with “microwave mush” but crisp tasty meals.  Especially since the Dash DCAF150GBGY02 air fryer is a less expensive air fryer option, you’ll be more than glad with your choice.

If you are looking for a bigger family-friendly unit, you’ll likely want to check out the competition.  Our recommendation is the Elite Gourmet EAF2612D Air FryerIt’s larger and even safe enough for the kids to help you out with making dinner!

What’s most important to you in an air fryer?  And let me know if you’re curious about any other specific units!

Dash DCAF150GBGY02 Air Fryer






Cooking Capacity



  • Easy to use, very intuitive
  • Cooks small amounts of food quickly.
  • Simple clean up.


  • Won't feed 2+ people easily.
  • Non-stick gets scraped off easily.
  • Cooks very hot!