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Amazon’s 8 best Oil Misters (2024 Review and Guide)

Do you love the convenience of spray oils.. but don’t want the added chemicals? Then one of Amazon’s best oil misters may be perfect for you.

Personally, I LOVE to make waffles, use my air fryer, and whip up fried eggs on the stovetop. But I always feel like I’m running out of spray oils.. so I did some research to find the best oil mister for me. Let’s dive right in to see which one is best for you!


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8 Best Oil Misters (2024 Review And Guide)

Why You Should Get Oil Misters

Oil is the most important ingredient in any cooking recipe. You can use it for roasting, frying, grilling, and flavoring up your favorite dishes.

However, using too much fat can be harmful to your health. If you’re used to pouring a lot of oil on your salad or dishes, an oil mister can help you break the habit.

Plus, it will prevent oil from leaking on your countertops and cabinets, producing grease that is difficult to remove. I’m sure it’s not only me who hates getting our hands all oily and unpleasant while cleaning up an oily mess.

And an oil mister is the answer to all of these problems!

What to Look for When Buying Oil Misters

There are many oil misters to choose from in the market, and the choices can be overwhelming. Taking these factors into consideration might help you find the best one for your needs.


The oil mister’s material must resist high temperatures and long periods of use. Oil sprayers are made of stainless steel and plastic.

To prevent corrosion, you can choose a stainless steel oil mister. But,  plastic oil misters are lightweight, and you can wash it frequently.


When buying an oil sprayer, the size of the vessel is one factor to consider. If you use a lot of cooking oil, you should use a bigger vessel. The more oil it can hold and the less time it takes. And if you don’t use oil often, go with a smaller sprayer.

Spraying Mechanism

An oil mister’s spray pattern varies. Most effective sprayers create a fine mist rather than huge droplets.

Some bottles contain a pressure valve that creates an aerosol-like mist without the chemicals found in store-bought oil mister. Others create a mist effect with a pump. Some bottles even have a trigger-style mechanism, which is more comfortable for your finger.

Ease of Cleaning

No one can deny that oil is oily. Removing it from your dishes is a nightmare. You’ll also need to clean the sprayer every time you refill the oil.

That is why it is essential to buy a mister that is simple to maintain. You should buy a bottle that is simple to disassemble and clean.


Most people prefer buying an oil mister that they can hold tightly in one hand while turning the food with the other hand with a spatula. In either case, some like to think about the oil sprayer’s aesthetic appeal for the amount of time it will be in the party’s presence.

Oil Misters Product Reviews

Here are the reviews of the best Oil Misters

1. Best Overall: Misto Oil Sprayer

best oil misters:  misto

After you bought an air fryer and wanted a way to lightly oil the food before cooking it? This little mister is ideal for your needs!

Home cooks like you who wish to control the amount of oil you use need this mister. It is ideal for low-fat/high-flavor cooking, grilling, sautéing, roasting, and basting. And it is perfect for health-conscious cooks.

The non-aerosol mister doesn’t use chemical propellants, and you can refill it. There’s no need to waste away cans that will end up in landfills. Misto is also BPA-free.

The Highlights:


+ BPA-free

+ Elegant design

+ Easy to use pump style mist


– It may clog over time

– It can be difficult to clean

– Fragile and should be handled with care

2. Best Large: Evo Stainless Steel 16-Ounce Oil Sprayer

best oil misters:  evo stainless steel

Are you looking for a larger oil mister? This mister from Evo is perfect for you! It can hold up to 16-ounce of oil.

Professional commercial chefs and home cooks are using this Evo mister. It’s ideal for spraying oils into cookware, baking dishes, and flavoring meals.

Evo sprays a 1⁄4 teaspoon of oil every time you pull the trigger, ensuring healthier and more accurate recipes for your family. It is free of BPA, Latex, and DEHP, assuring that your family is safe from toxins.


+ It has a large capacity

+ Comes with ergonomic trigger

+ Releases the same amount of oil each spray


– Oil may leak

– The nozzle popped out

– The threads may strip on the bottle

3. Best for Grilling: EVO 18-Ounce Reusable Oil Sprayer

best oil misters:  evo reusable oil sprayer

You’ll need a reliable mister if you have a barbeque party in your outdoor kitchen! You don’t want to keep refilling your mister with oil after all that grilling.

This Evo oil mister holds up to 18 ounces of oil. It is free of latex, BPA, and DEHP, and you can refill and reuse it. It can dispense oils in a horizontal or vertical pattern that gives you more control over your food and cooking surface.


+ BPA and DEHP free

+ Can hold 18-ounce of oil

+ Nozzle can spray horizontally or vertically


– It may stain over time

– The oil spray is uneven

– May retain odor and taste of different oils

4. Best Mini: Sunnyac Olive Oil Sprayer

best oil misters: sunnyac oil mister

You’ll love the Sunnyac Mister, whether you want a small oil mister to save counter space or to quickly transfer it from the kitchen to your outside grill.

You can manage and limit the amount of oil you use while cooking with this oil mister. It has an air pump-style mechanism hidden inside the stainless steel top, so you don’t have to worry about being clogged. You can now control your calorie intake while enjoying your favorite foods!


+ BPA-free

+ Comes with a funnel

+ It has a compact design for easy storage


– Fragile

– Mist is not consistent

– Not suitable for high-density oil

5. Best Budget: Wayeept Oil Spritzer

best oil misters: wayeept

If you don’t want to spend much with an oil mister, this Wayeept Oil Spritzer is perfect for your budget!

It comes with cleaning brushes, making it easy to maintain and saving you from buying separate cleaning brushes. Its mister head is stainless steel, while the bottle is food-grade glass.

It will be perfect for your barbeque nights with your family and friends.  A mist of oil will splash on your grill with just a small press.


+ Budget-friendly

+ Easy to clean and maintain

+ Comes with cleaning brushes and a funnel


– Fragile

– Mist is not consistent

– It can be hard to hold when your hands get oily

6. Best for Salads: NORBASE Olive Oil Sprayer

best oil misters: norbase

Love salads but want to cut down on the oil? This NORBASE Olive Oil Sprayer can help you do that!

It comes with measurement and allows you to avoid overdressing your salads or using too much oil when cooking. You will be able to see the level and amount of oil thanks to the transparent design. 

Plus, no more store-bought cooking sprays with aerosols. This mister produces a delicate and thin mist without any harmful propellants.


+ BPA free

+ It comes with accessories 

+ It has measurements in the bottle 


– Uneven mist

– It is a bit heavy 

– The pump gets stiff over time

7. Best for Air Fryer: CHEFVANTAGE Olive Oil Mister

best oil misters: chefvantage

When air frying, you only need a small amount of oil. However, it must be evenly distributed to ensure that all food has a crunchy and even finish. That’s where the CHEFVANTAGE Olive Oil Mister comes in handy!

This mister features a super-fine mist and an anti-clog design even if you flavor your oil with fresh herbs or chili peppers. It also features a sleek glass design.

And there’s no need to be concerned because it doesn’t use a harmful propellant aerosol. It’s a simple air pressure pump mechanism with a super-fine nozzle to evenly and lightly cover your food and cookware.


+ Resistant to scratches 

+ It has a super fine mist

+ Comes with anti-clog filter


– Fragile

– Plastic lid break easily

– It may be difficult to open the top to refill

8. Best Glass: Purelite Continuous Spray Olive Oil Mister

best oil misters: purelite continuous spray mister

Do you love the bottle’s nice blue color? It’s more than just aesthetics. It helps darken the bottle, keeping sunlight out and extending the oil’s shelf life.

The mister’s pump creates a fine, even mist ideal for various applications, such as coating food or baking pans. It also has a filter, so you may use infused oils without clogging it up.

The wide lip of the bottle makes it simple to refill and prevents spills. The exterior surface comes with lines that show how much oil is left before it’s time to refill.


+ It continues to spray evenly

+ Comes with fill measurements

+ Covered with dark films to prevent spoilage


– It may leak

– Plastic lid is easy to break

– Oil can get under the blue film

FAQs About Oil Misters

Here are some commonly asked questions about Oil Misters:

How to clean an oil mister?

You can clean it the same way you would any other kitchen tool. Use vinegar, hot water, and detergent. 

You can use a small amount of baking soda dissolved in water for stubborn stains. It is easy to clean because you can agitate the soap and get them soaped up by shaking them back and forth. 

If the nozzle becomes blocked, you’ll need to disassemble the mister and soak the components in warm soapy water.

What kind of oil can I use with an oil mister?

Any food-grade oil will do. You can use everything from olive oil to avocado oil.

Where to store oil mister?

Follow the storage instructions for any ingredients you use in your mixes. Any oil should be kept cool and dry, ideally between 57 and 70 degrees. The only exception is when you use fresh herbs. It’s sometimes a good idea to store these in the fridge, but keep an eye on the oil content.


You may easily improve your cooking technique and cut cooking time with the right oil mister. Plus, you’ll be able to provide your family with healthier, fewer oil meals.

Misto Oil Sprayer is the best overall mister with its easy-to-use pump style. It has no chemical propellants in the non-aerosol mister.  It also features an elegant design that would complement any kitchen interior

The EVO 18-Ounce Reusable Oil Sprayer is best for grilling with your family and friends. There’s no need to keep refilling this Evo oil mister because it holds up to 18 ounces of oil. It can disperse oils horizontally or vertically, giving you more flexibility over your cooking surface.

This CHEFVANTAGE Olive Oil Mister is the best mister for the air fryer. It features an anti-clog design and produces a super-fine mist. The super-fine nozzle evenly and lightly coats your food and cookware.