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20 Stunning Gourmet Kitchen Plans (Copy These!)

Is cooking something you enjoy doing and dreaming of a gourmet kitchen? Or maybe you’re looking for kitchen remodeling ideas. These 20 gourmet kitchen designs might become your inspiration.


We are a community of international passionate gourmet kitchen hobbyists. We research, test, burn things, and educate around what matters in the home kitchen.

What is a gourmet kitchen? It‘s a modern culinary setup equipped with an extensive range of unique features, appliances, and accessories. 

A gourmet kitchen differs from a typical home kitchen, with its design influenced by a professional kitchen. It prioritized the general layout and appliance placement but with aesthetics that complement your home’s interiors.

I know you are excited about the designs. So, let’s get started!

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1. Contemporary kitchen with calacatta marble and functional island

Gourmet Kitchen: contemporary kitchen with marble

Beautiful Calacatta marble countertops and a helpful island with a built-in sink and storage highlight this stunning contemporary kitchen. It creates a functional work triangle, with easy access from the stovetop to counter space and accessories.

Calacatta marble is a white and gold-colored Italian stone. This elegant natural stone, which comes in both honed and polished textures, is ideal for creating stunning marble countertops.

2. Tradition look

Gourmet Kitchen: traditional look

If you prefer a more traditional look, this gourmet kitchen maintains a timeless aesthetic by concealing kitchen equipment and appliances under cabinets.

It creates a cleaner appearance and does not interfere with the image of an old, traditional kitchen. However, the kitchen is fully equipped with industrial-grade appliances and gives numerous workspace.

3. Contemporary with breakfast bar island

Gourmet Kitchen: contemporary with breakfast bar

Breakfast with your family is a wonderful way to begin the day. A big breakfast bar island with a built-in cooktop is featured in this contemporary kitchen design. A kitchen island with a cooktop is ideal for people who want to optimize interaction with friends and family while cooking.

4. Modern kitchen with stainless steel

Gourmet Kitchen: modern kitchen

This modern kitchen comes with stainless steel worktops. The two islands come together to form a helpful work triangle.

The one island comes with a built-in burner and overhead storage. The other island has a sink and a large countertop where you may prepare your meal.

5. Casual and homey gourmet kitchen

Gourmet Kitchen: casual and homey

Do you prefer a more simple gourmet kitchen? This gourmet kitchen adopts a more casual and homey style for the paneled cabinets in the kitchen.

It comes with white marble for a clean effect. A large square kitchen island is positioned in the center to provide a large prep area as a bar counter. This kitchen features professional-grade appliances made with stainless steel for an easy-to-maintain and long-lasting kitchen.

6. Smaller efficient layout

Gourmet Kitchen: smaller efficient

When you are a fan of cooking, you must be dreaming of having a gourmet kitchen. But the problem is your space. You’ll only need a small floor are with this gourmet kitchen design. 

It has food storage with industrial-grade appliances, but the cooking and preparation spaces are also separated. The kitchen cabinets were painted white, and the quartzite countertop is a non-porous, easy-to-clean material.

7. Large space french style vintage look

Gourmet Kitchen: large space french

With a classic french style, this gourmet kitchen gives you elegance and antique feels. However, it has a vintage appearance but is equipped with modern appliances and technology. It has enough floor area to accommodate a significant number of users at once, making working in this kitchen with your family joy.

8. Modern contemporary look with modular cabinets

Gourmet Kitchen: modern contemporary

Do you have a modern interior in your house? This gourmet kitchen will go along with your interior with its modern contemporary look. The kitchen and dining area share a wide floor space. But the kitchen takes up the majority of the walls, providing plenty of storage.

Kitchen equipment is fitted into the modular cabinets to blend in with the clean, modern style. The stage wall and the built-in oven used white laminates. And the rest of the kitchen’s base cabinets uses dark gray laminate. The rectangular kitchen island is a boundary between the kitchen and the tiny dining space and a prep area and bar counter.

9. Vintage appeal with multiple gas burner stove

Gourmet Kitchen: vintage appeal

If the French vintage style is too much for you. But you want to have a vintage-design gourmet kitchen. This gourmet kitchen emphasizes the vintage look. 

The use of warm colors and a variety of textures helped achieve the aesthetic. Teakwood kitchen cabinets are matched with golden granite counters and a brick backsplash that features a brick plan that creates an attractive pattern/texture on the surface. Chefs all around the world love the Viking stovetop with multiple gas burners.

10. Classic masculine kitchen style utilizing high ceilings

Gourmet Kitchen: classic masculine

This gourmet kitchen made the most of the high ceiling to provide ample storage even if you lack floor space. They were able to use the counter space for crucial kitchen equipment and appliances. The deep green paint on the classic paneled cabinetry gives it a rustic, macho feel.

11. French revival style

Gourmet Kitchen: french revival

This stunning gourmet kitchen has a French revival style. It comes with plenty of room, efficiency, and an excellent space workflow. 

The paneled ceiling, as well as the classic-inspired cabinetry, are all white. The countertop contrasts with the Mahogany wood flooring with its white marble and white bricks for backlash. It contains two huge rectangular kitchen islands, one with a built-in sink and a hardwood countertop.

12. Small gourmet kitchen with wooden floors and transitional style

Gourmet Kitchen: small gourmet

If you are worried that you might not be able to have your dream gourmet kitchen. Don’t worry because you can still achieve a gourmet kitchen with careful planning. 

This design is an example of a compact gourmet kitchen with built-in equipment and storage for an efficient cooking area. It has an L-shaped counter with a classic Mahogany floor. 

13. Open layout contemporary kitchen with rustic tones

Gourmet Kitchen: open layout

This contemporary gourmet kitchen’s open layout makes it feel more big and airy. Rustic-colored floors create a welcoming ambiance, enhanced by the use of warm white lighting. The kitchen is simple, with white cabinets and a multi-level kitchen island that separates the counter into a workbench.

14. Tuscan style kitchen

Gourmet Kitchen: tuscan style

This stunning Tuscan-style gourmet kitchen features a beautiful mix of materials. The granite kitchen island and the brown wood-paneled cabinets provide an attractive and elegant effect. Every detail of the kitchen adds elegance. 

15. The show-stopper. Big space and industrial-inspired look

Gourmet Kitchen: the show stopper

This gourmet kitchen is a show-stopper in terms of both room and ceiling height. Because of the vast floor area and high ceiling, you can have more equipment and a more oversized kitchen island. This design creates an industrial-inspired aesthetic by combining modern and rustic elements. 

The built-in stainless steel kitchen appliance and equipment shine out from the cabinets, making them easy to find. The large kitchen island accommodates multiple users.

16. Transitional kitchen with a somber look

Gourmet Kitchen: transitional

They say black is elegant. And this somber look gourmet kitchen combines simple cabinetry with rustic finishes to achieve this sleek design. 

Dark Mahogany cabinets offer a dramatic touch to the mostly gray walls, while light walnut floors add texture and a subtle warmth to the area. It also features a kitchen island with more workspace and a dining/bar area.

17. Mediterranean architecture mixed with baroque interiors 

Gourmet Kitchen: mediterranean

A great mix of light and dark tones is achieved by combining Mediterranean architecture and Baroque interiors. The high ceiling serves to balance huge proportions of the appliances. It also features built-in rustic style cabinets and a masonry range hood for added aesthetics. 

18. Warm color scheme kitchen for a vibrant kitchen

Gourmet Kitchen: warm color scheme

Are you going for a more warm color scheme? This gourmet kitchen achieves an extremely warm color palette using wood treatments with strong orange/red tones. The natural sandstone counters and taupe walls tone down the bright orange tones while maintaining a warm color palette.

19. Neo-classical design

Gourmet Kitchen: neo classic

While designing this neo-classic gourmet kitchen, the goal of combining entertainment and food preparation was prioritized. The off-white walls provide elegance for the white cabinet. The stainless steel appliance fits well with the glossy finished cabinets and marble countertop. 

20. Formal classic design

Gourmet Kitchen: Formal classic

This gourmet kitchen uses walnut kitchen cabinets and white marble for the countertop, giving it a dramatic yet elegant appearance. A huge island in the center and a high ceiling with a chandelier to keep the space’s historic aesthetic.

People Also Ask

What is the most effective kitchen layout?

 A U-shaped floor plan is said to be the most flexible for any size kitchen because it surrounds the user on three sides. This makes it possible to have longer countertops and more storage cabinets.

Why are kitchen sinks in front of windows?

Most kitchen sinks are put near windows because the window can help get rid of smells coming from the sink. Also, the drain pipe for the kitchen sink will be short and lead outside.

Why put a sink on a kitchen island?

Sinks tend to collect junk and dirty dishes, and they are often used to dry clean dishes. If you put the sink on the island, guests will also be able to see all the food scraps that end up in the sink. I think that the cooktop would be better off on the island.

A Guide in Designing Gourmet Kitchen

Gourmet kitchens require a little more effort and communication between the designer and the kitchen user. Apart from the general layout and architectural style, several factors are considered during the design process to build a gourmet kitchen that meets your needs.

When it comes to creating a gourmet kitchen, the following are some of the most important considerations:

Appliances/equipment that is frequently used – Everyone has a different choice for appliances, so it’s important to know which ones you like and which ones you’ll use the most in order to successfully fit them into the plan.

What kind of meals do you enjoy preparing? – Different meals typically require equipment and tools, so it’s crucial to know so you can set aside room for tools, storage, and equipment that’s easily available.

How many people are in the kitchen at once? – This is especially crucial to ensure that the kitchen has enough hallway space for optimal traffic flow.

Special equipment and tools – depending on the foods you like to prepare, you may want to include special equipment in the kitchen, so keep this in mind, especially if you want them to be built-in.

Your storage requirements – What types of foods/ingredients do you keep on hand? Which ones do you find yourself using the most? How much storage do you require? These are only a few of the questions you should think about in order to allocate enough storage space.

Your cooking habits and preferences – create a kitchen that works for you and allows you to enjoy your time in the kitchen even more.


For some families, the kitchen and dining area is more than just a place to eat and cook. It’s also an opportunity to gather as a family. This is why some families put a lot of effort into the design of their kitchens.

A gourmet kitchen in your home would surely make cooking at home more fun for food lovers, chefs, and practically anyone who has a passion for cooking and takes their cooking seriously even at home.

Understanding your goals and objectives is essential to designing a well-designed gourmet kitchen that makes cooking at home a pleasure. And this is just. the general look of your kitchen! If you’re looking for more ideas, you may like to see the differences between having a gas range or an electric range. Or have you thought about designing an outdoor kitchen?

Alternatively, you may be curious what options you have for your kitchen counter tops. You can see our latest guide here for the best kitchen countertops. What is the best gourmet kitchen design for you? Let us know in the comments!