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The 8 Best Measuring Cups (2024 Reviews and Guide)

Measuring cups are key for most recipes. Otherwise your measures are off and your flavor is off! So which are the best measuring cups?

I tried seven different sets to identify the best. All of which are of good quality yet they excel in different ways.

I searched high and low online before I  selected the best seven measuring cups to purchase. 

If you are looking for high-quality, accurate measuring cups to use, I highly recommend Norpro Grip-Ez Stainless Steel Measuring Cups. These are my personal favorite and you’ll see why in a bit as you keep reading.

And I know we all have different preferences for measuring cups. Since we all cook different dishes. That’s why I’m including seven options for you to consider.

The Best Measuring Cups of 2024

In a rush?  Here are our favorite measuring cup set recommendations. We go into more detail about why we like them later on in this article.

Norpro Grip-Ez Stainless Steel Measuring Cups$$BEST PRICE
OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Angled Measuring Cup Set$$BEST PRICE
Squish 4-Piece Collapsible Measuring Cup Set$$BEST PRICE
OXO Good Grips Plastic Measuring Cups$$$BEST PRICE
OXO Good Grips 2 Cup Adjustable Measuring Cup$$BEST PRICE
RSVP International Endurance Stainless Steel Oval Measuring Cup$$$BEST PRICE
OXO Good Grips Measuring Beakers$$$BEST PRICE
The Magical Kitchen Collection Set Of Measuring Cup$BEST PRICE

Our Favorite SET Reviews

Here are our reviews of the best measuring cup sets in 2024 to help you choose the right one for your needs. These recommendations run across a wide range of functions, styles, and price points:

1: Norpro Grip-Ez Stainless Steel Measuring Cups – Best Pick

best measuring cups: norpro grip-ez stainless steel

The Highlights:


Stainless steel makes it a very durable set.

Oval design helps cup fit into bags, bins, or other containers.

Double spouts useful whether you’re left or right handed.


Need to wash and dry, stainless steel may rust over time.

The metal is unlikely to break but may bend/deform over time.

Cannot microwave these.

What makes this set my personal favorite?

It is very lightweight, given it is stainless steel. The product’s oval shape made it easier to dig through dry ingredients and has non-slip handles. And not only that, they have double spouts to make pouring both sides easier. Well, the price is a little bit high, but the quality makes it worthwhile.

2: Best Wet Measuring Cups: OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Angled Measuring Cup Set

best measuring cups: oxo good grips angled.


Can view amount of liquid from above.

Comes in 3 sizes for precision.

Perfect for liquid ingredients.


Doesn’t make sense to use for dry ingredients, not as accurate.

Ink may wear down over time (after years).

These cups will melt in the microwave.

Bending over to measure ingredients for cooking or baking is inconvenient for me, so I looked for measuring cups that would allow me to avoid bending over.

And good news, the search is over because of this Good Grips 3-Piece Angled Measuring Cup Set offers a patented angled surface that allows you to read measurements from above and eliminates the need to lean over to see them. 

If you are looking for convenience in measuring liquid ingredients, this is perfect!

3. Best Collapsible: Squish 4-Piece Collapsible Measuring Cup Set

best measuring cups: squish 4-piece collapsible


Saves space compared to bulkier measuring cup sets.

Durable silicon cups.

Easy to clean.


Tough to take off the ring, to help save space.

Need to fill up to the top, best for dry ingredients.

These don’t nest into each other, may take up as much space as your normal measuring cup.

The Squish 4-Piece Collapsible Measuring Cup Set is the perfect option for you if you want a measuring cup that won’t take up too much room in your storage and will be handy wherever you go! 

This collection of measuring cups is collapsible and includes a storage ring for neatly storing the cups.

4. Best Budget Cup: OXO Good Grips Plastic Measuring Cups

best measuring cups: oxo good grips plastic


color-coded for quick measuring reference

comes with scraper for even more accuracy

has little tick marks inside for partial measurements


Plastic can snap and/or deform over time making cups less accurate

measurements can wash off over time.

there’s no 3/4 measuring cup here, need to use the 1/2 and 1/4 measuring cups.

You might not want to spend a lot on measuring cups so I searched for a set of measuring cups that is budget-friendly but in a high quality. The OXO Good Grips Plastic Measuring Cups are the most affordable choice. 

This comes in the form of colored markings on the cups to help you recognize which cup you’ll need. You don’t have to think about what you’ll use to level-measure dry ingredients because it comes with a scraper.

5. Best Adjustable: OXO Good Grips 2 Cup Adjustable Measuring Cup

best measuring cups: oxo good grips adjustable


easy to handle sticky or viscous ingredients

simple to read the measurements for high accuracy

Little to know waste measuring sticky ingredients.


sometimes the plunger may get stuck or not smoothly move up.

need to clean quickly after use to prevent food hardening and getting stuck

Can’t push too quickly, otherwise the plunger doesn’t work effectively

Do you get annoyed when you try to measure sticky ingredients in measuring cups because they stick? Well, thanks to the OXO Good Grips 2 Cup Adjustable Measuring Cup, I’ve now found a solution to that issue.

A turning knob, a spinning body, and a plunger are all included in this piece. The product is simple to use: Fill the cup halfway with ingredients and turn the knob; even if the ingredients are sticky, you can easily pour them.

6. Best Measuring Scoop: RSVP International Endurance Stainless Steel Oval Measuring Cup

best measuring cups: rsvp international


Easy to fit into most containers

stainless steel cups are durable and last well

the wide base of the spoons make for good grip


Depending on use, may see rusting and chipping.

the edges can get sharp, be careful while cleaning

May need to remove from ring for convenience

Another stainless steel commodity in our spotlight. You already know that stainless steel is a heavy-duty material. Because of its oval shape and wide sure-grip handles that prevent slipping, this product is ideal for scooping. With this, you can quickly scoop ingredients into a container.

7. Best Measuring Beakers: OXO Good Grips Measuring Beakers

best measuring cups: oxo good grips beakers


Beakers nest inside each other saving space

spouts allow for easy pouring

Different sized beakers allow for much more accurate measuring


Can be tough to clean without the right gear (can’t fit a sponge into the smaller beakers!)

The largest size is 1 cup, since these may look bigger online

Not microwave safe! These are plastic.

It’s a hassle to measure liquid ingredients because you have to wait for them to settle before you can be sure you got the right amounts. You won’t have to wait with this OXO Good Grips Measuring Beaker because it has a flat and stable base that helps the liquid to settle. It’s extra special because of the quirky look and range of colors.

8. Most Colorful: The Magical Kitchen Collection – Complete Set Of Iridescent Rainbow Measuring Cup and Spoons

best measuring cups: the magical kitchen collection


Attractive and colorful design

stainless steel allows the design NOT fade away

toxin free (no plastics or other chemicals used to dye or create)


There are reports that construction isn’t too sturdy, the handle seems to snap off if dropped.

Similarly, cannot use these to scoop from containers as handles may bend

Not safe for the microwave!

This Magical Kitchen Collection – Complete Set of Iridescent Rainbow Measuring Cup and Spoons is ideal if you want some stylish kitchen utensils. It has a vibrant iridescent color that is extremely eye-catching.

This collection of colorful measuring cups and spoons is made of stainless steel, and you won’t have to worry about the iridescent rainbow paint coating eroding during cleaning because it is toxic-free. It has permanently engraved imperial and metric units for easy conversions and is suitable for both dry and liquid ingredients. This collection includes 11 measuring cups and spoons with a selection of units for measuring cups, tablespoons, and teaspoons.

Do you want your kitchen utensils to be cute and appealing? Because of its vivid iridescent color that is extremely eye-catching, this set of colorful measuring cups and spoons made of stainless steel will be perfect for your kitchen. This set also contains measuring spoons and cups, which come in handy for a wide range of measurements.

Your Buying Guide

It’s easy to make tasty foods if we have the right measurement for our dish. However, when buying measuring cups, we must weigh a number of variables. So, here’s some guidance for you.


When it comes to measuring cups and spoons, most people aren’t concerned with storage convenience.

However, after using the measuring cups and spoons, it’s important to think about how you’ll store them in your kitchen. We don’t want to misplace our measuring cups, so it is a brilliant idea to stack and tuck them together.

It’s helpful to have a ring or magnet to keep them together. Collapsible measuring cups are also important to consider if you have limited storage space in your kitchen.


This is an important factor to consider. When looking for measuring cups that can withstand the heat, durability is a key factor to consider. Stainless steel or silicone measuring cups are the best options to consider.


A knife needs to be sharp- that’s the one job a knife has! Sharpness is both super important and super simple. For this, it was looking into how smooth the knives could cut. Some knives needed you to saw through your ingredients.. whereas others felt like you were slicing through butter every single time.

People Also Ask

How inaccurate are measuring cups?

Depending on the age and brand it could be up to as much as 6% for some dry measuring cups. For everyday cooking these differences do not mean much. If you’re baking- especially at a high level- I do recommend measuring out by weight using a scale instead of using measuring cups.

Are all 1 cup measuring cups the same?

Technically they are! All 1-cup measuring cups are set to measure volume. So 1 cup in a liquid measuring cup matches up to the same as 1 cup in a dry measuring cup.

Is scale better than measuring cups?

Scales are much more accurate than measuring cups. However, unless you’re baking, the level of precision that scales give you aren’t needed!


When you love to cook and bake, having good measuring cups that are within your budget is important.

The Norpro Grip-Ez Stainless Steel Measuring Cups are the best overall that I’ve ever used. It has a long-lasting, heat-resistant nature, as well as comfortable handles for both hands. With its dual spouts, the Norpro Grip-Ez set is my favorite of all the cup sets I’ve used. It’s effortless and comfortable to use, and it makes less mess in the kitchen. The high quality of this product makes it worthwhile to invest in.

At the same time, I’d recommend a liquid measuring cup as well to really round out your kitchen. I’d recommend the OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Angled Measuring Cup Set just based off of the ease of use. However, there are a lot more fun and stylish options like the beaker set or the Magical Kitchen Measuring cups.

And if you’re interested in baking, you may like our recent review on flour sifters here.

Let us know which one you go for and if you have questions about any knife sets that didn’t make this list!