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The 7 Best Online Keto Tools (2024 Review & Guide)

Are you just getting started on the keto diet? Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top keto tools to help you with your diet.


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7 Best Keto Tools

1Custom Keto DietBest Custom
2CarbofixBest Supplement
328 Day KetoBest Challenge
4Keto BreadsBest for Killing Cravings
5 Keto Soup DetoxBest Detox
6Sublime KetoBest for Families
7Keto SmartBest Support

Why You Should Get a Keto Tool

If you are still planning to have a keto diet, learn more about it here. 

The keto diet is beneficial to diabetes, obesity, cancer, epilepsy, and other nervous system diseases. Over the last few years, the ketogenic diet has gained in popularity.

It can be challenging to get started on this diet. However, there are tools available to assist you in managing it more effectively.

If you are looking for top keto tools, keep on reading this article.

A Guide Before Buying Keto Tools

When you first start a keto diet, you’ll undoubtedly require some tools to make things easier. However, before purchasing one, you should think about the following criteria.


Before you spend money on keto tools, think about how effective is the product you’re going to buy. The effectiveness of a product can easily be determined by reading the reviews of those who have used it.

Ease of Use

It’s also important to check or research the product. Always think about how simple the product is to use. You don’t want to buy anything you don’t understand how to utilize because it will be useless.

Fit to Your Needs

With the ease of usage of the product, it must be also fit your needs. Investing in keto tools will depend on what you need. There are several cookbooks available if you need more ideas for different keto recipes.


Although the price will not be that big deal when investing in our health.  But, if you are on a tight budget, try buying keto tools that will come cheap while being beneficial to you.

Keto Tool Product Reviews

Here are the reviews of the best ketol tools

1. Best Custom: Custom Keto Diet

Custom Keto Diet is a meal plan that will assist you in living a ketogenic lifestyle. This could be your one-stop place for a personalized keto meal plan that can help you reach your health goals.

You can choose a meal plan that fits your lifestyle and your goals. Vegans and non-vegans alike can pursue the diet. This program also calculates your body fat percentage and calories precisely based on your weight and body type.

The Highlights:


+ It accurately determines your body fat content

+ You can pick a custom keto diet depending on your lifestyle

+ It comes with a 60-day money-back if you are unsatisfied with the program


– It takes commitment to see results

– You can only purchase and use it online 

– It might take longer to see results if you don’t follow strictly for the first couple of weeks

2. Best Supplement: Carbofix

You’ll like pairing it with a supplement to go along with your strict keto diet. This supplement is a carbohydrate management formula that aids in maintaining healthy blood glucose levels and improving glucose utilization while on a ketogenic diet.

All of the ingredients used are natural and have undergone various studies. This can help you lose weight by speeding up your metabolism. Another advantage of taking Carbofix is that it reduces appetite and cravings while also supporting blood sugar levels.


+ It is made all from natural ingredients 

+ Suppress appetite to avoid overeating and cravings

+ It doesn’t require strict diet and exercise to see results 


– You can only buy it online

– Not suitable for a pregnant woman

– The results may vary every person

3. Best Challenge: 28 Day Keto

Are you ready to take on the keto challenge? This 28-day Keto challenge can help you lose weight and flatten your belly. Within 28 days, it will reduce your appetite, detoxify your body, and increase your energy level.

This is a wonderful place to start if you’ve never tried the keto diet before. This can assist you in making a lifestyle change. Within a few days, the majority of people begin to lose weight. If you are unsatisfied with the program, they will refund your money.


+  Easy to follow and learn

+ This program also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee 

+ The program has recipes that you can use even when you’re done with your 28-day challenge 


– It only available online as a digital copy

– You need to be patient and consistent to see results 

– You might find the challenge difficult if you have problems sticking to a schedule

4. Best for killing cravings: Keto breads

When we’re on a diet, we can’t help but have cravings for the foods we’ve cut out of our diet. However, these Keto breads will help you control your hunger and stay on track with your diet.

Since 2007, this keto breads cookbook has been helping people. The recipes will taste similar to traditional bread, but they will be a healthier alternative. Most of the recipes only take 15-20 minutes to prepare, so you may spend more time eating than preparing.


+ Easy to follow recipes for beginners 

+ Nutritional facts and macronutrients ratios are specified for each recipe

+ It has alternative ingredients for people who have allergies and intolerance


– The alternative ingredients were only stated in the introduction

– You might not have the same look of the finished product in the photo, especially if you are a

5. Best Detox: Keto Soup Detox

This 14-day eating plan is easy to explain. It’s made to help you lose weight without having to exercise. You’ll know what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with this program.

You will be able to try a variety of foods that you have never tried before. You will see changes in your body in a short period. You will be able to eat without having to worry about calorie counting or portion control. It includes step-by-step instructions, precise measurements, an ingredient list, a nutrition list, and delicious photos.


+ No exercise program

+ You can see results in 14 days

+ This is a scientifically proven program


– Results may vary from person to person

– You can only buy through the official website

6. Best for families: Sublime Keto

Are you thinking of getting your family into the keto diet? If you’re not sure how to get your family involved with the keto diet, this cookbook can help.

This Sublime Keto cookbook covers a wide range of foods that you and your family may crave at various times of the day. It offers 121 easy-to-prepare keto-friendly meal recipes. There will never be a lack of food ideas for your family.


+ You can instantly download it after purchasing

+ It comes with two bonus guides to stimulate your weight loss rate

+ There are a lot of meal ideas to choose from, including snacks and smoothies


– No hard copies are available

– It needs the discipline to follow the program

– It might take three weeks to adjust to the changes in the diet

7. Best Support: Keto smart

It will be pretty helpful to have a smart app that you may download to support you with your keto diet in today’s high-tech world.

Keto smart is a reliable and informative reference to the ketogenic diet and lifestyle. It will clarify and answer any of your questions about the keto diet. There are also recipes, meal planning, and workouts included.


+ It also has exercise plans for you

+ You can customize your keto diet program

+ It has a complete information hub to understand more about the diet 


– It will only depend on you for better results

– You need to have discipline and determination

– It can be hard at first to follow the diet program

FAQs About Keto Tools

Here are some commonly asked questions about keto tools:

Is it safe to practice the program? 

When you’re on a keto diet, the suggested programs are safe to use. The programs have gone through a series of tests to ensure that they are safe.

What to do if I am not happy with the program/product? 

If you are dissatisfied with the programs/products, you may request a refund.

How long does it take to see results? 

You will always determine the result. If you stick to the program, you will see results sooner.


We became more conscious of our health as we grew older. The ketogenic diet is a great method to keep your health and lifestyle in balance. However, it is difficult to stick to a diet at first. As a result, there are tools available to assist us in sticking to our diet.

The Custom Keto Diet is the best custom keto diet tool that many people appreciate. You can select a meal plan that best suits your lifestyle and goals. This cookbook is suitable for both vegans and non-vegans because it provides various options to suit your lifestyle.

Alongside the strict keto diet, we pair it with supplements. Carbofix is the best supplement that we can recommend. All of the substances are 100% natural and safe. This supplement is a carbohydrate management compound that supports maintaining appropriate blood glucose levels and improving glucose utilization.

Of course, the best support for your ketogenic diet comes in the form of a Keto Smart App. It clarifies and answers any concerns you may have regarding the keto diet. Meal planning, recipes, and workouts are also be offered by this software.

What are some of the keto tools you’ve tried or want to try? Let us know in the comments!