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The 4 Best Ways To Store & Display Your Chef knives

The way you store a knife might affect its longevity and blade sharpness. Let’s see what is the best way to store your knives.

Knife blocks are the most common technique for storing knives. However, there will always be pros and cons when it comes to that. So, we’ve developed a list of several knife storage options.

Materials, maintenance, cleaning, and storage are important to get the best cutting. Certain storage practices will dull and damage fine edges, and can also be a bit dangerous to fingertips. 

Let’s dig into the best way of storing your knives that will best suit you. 

A Knife Block Is Not Only Your Option

You may be confused as to why I advise avoiding using a knife block for your knives. Do you want to know why that is? There are several reasons for this.

To begin with, it will simply cost you a lot of cash. Purchasing a knife block also means purchasing a set of knives. A knife block is an excellent idea. They keep your knives secure while also looking good on the counter. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money to keep your knives safe.

Germs and bacteria love to live in knife blocks. Those deep, dark spaces create a perfect environment for germs and bacteria to thrive. According to the National Sanitation Foundation, bacteria grow in dark, moist conditions, and knife blocks proved to be no exception. The knife blocks in test homes contained both yeast and mold.

Best Space Saving Knife Storage: A Magnetic Knife Holder

Instead of buying a knife block, try investing in a magnetic knife holder. These are simple to hang on the walls of your kitchen. You can select from a variety of lengths to hold all of your knives.

This knife storage won’t take up a lot of room in your kitchen. This magnetic knife holder can carry not just your blades, but also kitchen tools, jewelry, and even workshop equipment.

However, be careful where you hang your magnetic knife holder on the wall. Avoid areas where you might bump with them. Although the magnets are powerful enough to grip the knives, they are weak when bumped.

Check out the video below!

Best For Cabinets: In-Drawer Knife Holder

If you don’t want your knives to be displayed on your wall, we can suggest you to get an in-drawer knife holder.

This method will allow you to safely store your whole kitchen knife collection in a drawer, saving up important counter space. Knife storage in a drawer keeps your knife off the counter.

If you have children, however, storing knives in the drawer is not a good idea. It is wise to have a lock installed on your knife drawer. It will not provide you with quick access, but it will ensure the safety of your children.

Best On-The-Go Knife Storage: A Knife Bag

Even if you aren’t a professional chef, a knife bag is a great storage solution. They are compact and can hold a large number of knives.

Because they can be moved around easily, you don’t need a separate knife drawer as long as you can find a spot to keep your knife bag. You may also easily bring your knives with you if you’re heading outside.

It’s not only portable, but it also keeps your knives organized. It has many slots so that your blades don’t have to share a space. It also has pockets to keep everything properly arranged.

Best For Individual Knives: Blade Protectors

For the sake of safety, you may have to sacrifice some storage capacity. The best approach to keep your individual knives in the drawers without cutting yourself is to use blade protectors.

If you have a knife bag, these blade covers are also useful. They protect your knife edges from hitting against one other. A blade protector is available in a variety of sizes. Before purchasing one, you should consider its size. Make sure it can completely cover the blade without the sharp tips showing.

people also ask

Can you hang a magnetic knife strip vertically?

The versatility of magnetic knife holders makes them stand out. They can be wall-mounted in various ways, including vertically or horizontally on walls, drawers, or even the side of a fridge.

Why Is It Important to Store Knives Properly?

Poor storage can cause damage to your knives and possibly result in injury, which is why it is so vital to store your blades properly. Keeping these utensils unsheathed in the same container as your other silverware can cause difficult-to-repair nicks and dents and swiftly dull your blades.

Does a knife fall out of a magnetic strip?

The blades won’t fall or slip as long if you choose a strong magnetic strip. Nevertheless, there is balance. The knives could slip if you use a magnet that is too weak. The effort required to remove the knives may increase if you select a magnet that is overly powerful.


Whether you have a Wusthof knife, Shun knife, or any other knife brand, it requires proper storage. Knives can be kept from chipping and dulling if they are stored properly.

Even with appropriate storage, a knife can still become dull. And we’ve got you covered when it comes to the best knife sharpeners and whetstone sharpening.

Different knife block sets are currently available on the market that guarantees safety and germ-free use. But there are even more storage options available that can help you save a lot of money.

A magnetic knife holder helps you save space on your counters and in your drawers. If you’re worried about your knife hanging loose on the wall, an in-drawer knife holder is a better option. It can also help you conserve space on your counter.

A knife bag is also a good option for storing your knife. They are compact and portable. However, you may require blade protectors for this. Blade protectors are also a great way to keep your blades safe in drawers without risking chipping or cutting yourself.

What do you think is the best way of storing your knives? Let us know in the comments.