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Le Creuset Signature Skillet Review

Cast iron cookware is a favorite of mine because it makes the best sears on steak and it makes almost anything I cook taste even better. After my research, I want to highly the best cast iron skillet I found for my needs; The Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle Pan.

Le Creuset’s enameled cast iron is their most well-known product. Their items are handcrafted in France and meet some of the world’s highest manufacturing standards. When you buy Le Creuset cookware, you’re getting a well-made piece of cookware. (You can see our latest review of Le Creuset’s top kitchen gear here if curious!)

This cast iron skillet is ideal for anyone who enjoys cast iron but not a fan of taking special care of it. Searing steaks, sautéing veggies, creating spaghetti sauce, and even roasting chicken are all good uses for it.

Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle Skillet


+ Durable construction

+ It has both spouts for easy pouring

+ Evenly distributes heat and has strong heat retention


It has heavy weight

– It takes time to heat up

– Cooking surface is not non-stick

Review Of Product

Ease of Use- 4/5

The majority of cast iron skillets are simple to use. With this skillet from Le Creuset, you can do your daily tasks in your kitchen. I use this product to make roasted vegetables, roasted chicken, pizza, and skillet cookies, among other things. 

The skillet’s dual spouts made it easy to pour and slide the food without making a mess. When cooking with this, only a small amount of oil is required, making the food healthier and lower in fat.

However, because this skillet is heavy, you’ll have to exert effort to lift it with food in it. The short handle is appropriate given its weight and allows you to keep it close to your body while lifting it. 

Heating Capacity- 3/5

When compared to other cookware, this skillet may take longer to heat up. The surface of the skillet, however, is guaranteed to be evenly heated once it has been preheated. This skillet is also great in retaining heat. 

Whether your food is waiting on the stove or being served in a skillet, heat retention is ideal for keeping it warm. When serving with the skillet on the table, however, always remember to place some protection on it. If you’re still looking for a way to protect your countertop, check out our list of The 11 Best Cast Iron Accessories (2022 Review and Guide).

Cooking Capacity- 4/5

This skillet is available in a variety of sizes. Which is a fantastic feature because you may select the size that best suits your cooking needs. The largest size is 11 3/4 inches, followed by 10 1/4 inches, 9 inches, and 6 1/3 inches.

When you’re cooking for a large group, the 11 3/4-inch skillet comes in handy. It can accommodate larger cuts of meat and can serve 3 to 6 people. 

If you only want to use it for individual matters, then, 6 1/3 inch is a fantastic choice. With this skillet, you can make your favorite grilled cheese sandwich. 

The 9-inch and 10 1/4 inch skillets are a good size for 1 to 3 people, and many people use them as their go-to skillet.

Cleaning and Maintenance-5/5

This skillet is quite simple to clean. It’s dishwasher safe, so you won’t have to worry about food sticking to the skillet’s surface. Simply use a small amount of oil when cooking and your food will not stick.

This skillet, as I’ve mentioned above, is low-maintenance. You won’t have to season it because it comes pre-seasoned. You can then dry it and store it in your storage after washing it. 

However, it is also possible to reseason the skillet if you wish. Re-seasoning it is helpful to prevent oxidation on your skillet. 

Finished Product- 5/5

This skillet is a guaranteed best when it comes to cooking. This skillet is perfect for almost any kind of dish and you will surely serve tasty food with this!

With its vibrant appearance, you will surely fall in love with this skillet at first sight. It not only makes delicious cuisine, but it also adds beauty to your kitchen. You have the option of selecting a color that complements your kitchen décor.

Check out the video below!

How Does It Compare?

The Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle Skillet is definitely not your only choice.  Here are a few other options so you can see how they stack up.

Cuisinel Cast Iron Skillet with Lid

Cuisinel Cast Iron Skillet with Lid
Ease Of Use:8/10
Heating Capacity:9/10
Cooking Capacity:8/10
Price:$ (Check the best price)
Cleaning and Maintenance:5/10
Our Rating:6.8/10


+ It comes pre-seasoned

+ It has non-stick cooking surface

+ It comes with lid and silicone cover for its handle


– It has rough bottom that might damage countertop

– It requires more seasoning to be optimally non-stick

– Silicone handle is not safe for oven over 450 degrees fahrenheit 

Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet with Hot Handle Holder

Lodge seasoned cast iron pan
Ease Of Use:7/10
Heating Capacity:9/10
Cooking Capacity:8/10
Price:$ (Check the best price)
Cleaning and Maintenance:4/10
Our Rating:4.8/10


+ The skillet comes in pre-seasoned

+ It is good in heat retention and distribute heats evenly

+ It comes in larger size and silicone handle holder to prevent heat from conducting on the handle


– Cooking surface is not non-stick

– Not dishwasher safe

– Needs to be re-seasoned

FINEX 12″ Cast Iron Skillet

Finex 12" cast iron skillet
Ease Of Use:6/10
Heating Capacity:8/10
Cooking Capacity:8/10
Price:$ (Check the best price)
Cleaning and Maintenance:5/10
Our Rating6.4/10


+ High conductivity of heat

+ It has deep and smooth cooking surface

+ Patented octagonal shape for multi-pour


– The bottom is not completely flat and can be shaky

– Stainless steel spring coiled handle may be difficult to grip

– Need to be re-seasoned to enhance stick-resistant cooking surface

The Truth About The Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle Skillet Review

To see if the product is a great investment, I scoured the internet to see what others thought of the Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle Skillet too:

People Also Ask

Is Le Creuset Signature skillet non stick?

No, cast iron in general is not non-stick. You’ll want to “season” your cast iron to reduce sticking. Overtime you’ll be able to fry an egg on your seasoned cast iron!

Here’s more details on how to season cast iron.

What can you not cook in enameled cast iron?

I’d stay away from cooking foods with strong odors- those can stick with your cast iron. Ingredients like garlic for example.

Also, cooking delicate fish on your cast iron is not ideal.

Otherwise, you may want to wait to cook eggs or with acidic foods (such as lemon or tomatoes) until your cast iron develops a good seasoning crust.

Can you use PAM on cast iron?

PAM contains other ingredients aside from oil. Using nonstick sprays can damage your pan over time, so do not use these.

Should You Invest Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle Skillet?

This pan does not require seasoning, unlike traditional cast iron pans. To keep the food from not sticking, you need to use little oil. If you’re used to cooking with nonstick cookware, though, you’ll need to be patient and do some experimentation.

Le Creuset is well-known for its high-quality cookware. Without a doubt, this skillet is an excellent investment. Especially compared to all the other options out there we looked at (Including our 2022 review and guide of the best enameled cast iron dutch ovens.)

I can recommend this product if you want a versatile cast iron skillet for your kitchen but it comes in low maintenance unlike any other cast iron skillet on the market. If you’re ready to improve your current skillet, we think the Le Creuset cast iron signature skillet is a terrific option that will last if properly cared for.

What do you think about the Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle Skillet? Is it a good investment? Let me know in the comments!

Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle Skillet


Ease Of Use


Cooking Capacity


Cleaning And Maintenance



  • Durable construction
  • It has both spouts for easy pouring
  • Evenly distributes heat and has strong heat retention


  • It takes time to heat up
  • Cooking surface is not non-stick
  • It has heavy weight