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The 9 Best Rolling Pins (2024 Reviews and Guide)

A rolling pin is an essential kitchen tool from smoothing out sticky cookie batter to stretchy pizza. I have tested 7 best rolling pins in the market to see which one works well with different tasks. 

After you made the dough and chilled it, your problem now is to roll it into a neat even sheet. Sounds simple enough, right?


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Of course, it’s simple when you’re using the right rolling pin.

I used to have trouble rolling dough, but now I don’t have to worry because I’ve discovered the finest rolling pins for specific tasks. 

Rolling pins aren’t all made equal. It all depends on what you’re baking or what you’re trying to do with the dough. 

Here are some of my best rolling pins on the market that might as well help you make the ideal dough.

The Top Rolling Pins Of 2024:

In a rush?  Here are our favorite rolling pin recommendations. We go into more detail about why we like them later on in this article.

J.K. Adams Dowel Rolling Pin$BEST PRICE
J.K Adams Gourmet Rolling Pin$$BEST PRICE
Matfer Bourgeat Nylon Rolling Pin$$$BEST PRICE
Fletchers’ Mill 20″ French Rolling Pin$BEST PRICE
 Good Cook Classic Wood Rolling Pin$BEST PRICE
Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin$BEST PRICE
Fox Run Marble Rolling Pin at Amazon$$BEST PRICE

Our Favorite Rolling Pin Reviews

Here are my recommendations for the best rolling pins to have in your kitchen. All of the products included are of the highest quality, and each one excels in a different way.

Top Choice: J.K. Adams Dowel Rolling Pin.

best rolling pins: Top Choice: J.K. Adams Dowel Rolling Pin.

The Highlights:


It is easy to control pressure while rolling

It produces consistent dough

The weight of the pins makes it simpler to roll out


The sticker in the dowel does not come off cleanly

The surface of the pin is not perfectly smooth

As the saying goes, “ You need the right tool for the job”. 

This J.K Adams rolling pin is exactly what I needed to make rolling dough easier and more effective. 

It is intended for both experienced chefs and amateurs. This product is made of lightweight but long-lasting hardwood. It’s ideal for rolling out dough for pies, tarts, and cookies, among other things. 

However, removing the sticker on the dowel was difficult, and cleaning it required some patience.  The best way to remove this stick was to  but this device works well in rolling dough and has never failed me.

Best With Handles: J.K Adams Gourmet Rolling Pin

best rolling pins: Best With Handles: J.K Adams Gourmet Rolling Pin


The handles roll independently from the barrelCan be used for most mixing jobs needed

Self-lubricating bearings

Made of durable maple wood


Not suitable for dishwasher

It is not non-stick the dough might stick on the pin

Handles might too big if you have small hands

I couldn’t resist presenting another product from the brand because of its high-quality design. Isn’t it obvious that I like their product? 

Do you favor the traditional rolling pin style? This J.K Adams product will provide you with the classic simplicity that you desire in your kitchen tools. 

This product is one of my favorites because of the easy-to-grip handles that are self-lubricating and ensure a lifetime of smooth rolling. When I use this product, I prefer to dust the pin with flour to avoid the dough from sticking. This device is simple to use and produces a flawless dough sheet. Despite the fact that it is not dishwasher safe, this device is incredibly easy to clean.

Best Nylon: Matfer Bourgeat Nylon Rolling Pin.

best rolling pins: Best Nylon: Matfer Bourgeat Nylon Rolling Pin.


Perfectly smooth texture

It is evenly weighted

Very sturdy and rigid


Heavier than wooden rolling pins

The handle is too short and it is not heat resistant

Price is a little bit higher than usual rolling pins

Wooden rolling pins may need more maintenance to prevent cracking.  Whereas nylon rolling pins are a non-stick plastic that will be easier to maintain and still get the job done.  So if you prefer nylon over the classic wooden rolling pin,  this is the top nylon rolling pin we found, the Matfer Bourgeat Nylon Rolling Pin. 

Flattening dough is simple with this kitchen tool. The nylon rolling pin can be used for a variety of kitchen activities that require the blunt force of a heavy task, such as pressing meat or crushing nuts or spices. And what I appreciate about this product is that it is ideal for shaping pie crust and producing a flawless sheet.

Best Tapered: Fletchers’ Mill 20″ French Rolling Pin

best rolling pins: Best Tapered: Fletchers' Mill 20″ French Rolling Pin


Ideal for delicate pastries

Set with tapered ends

Includes ball bearings for smooth rolling


Not dishwasher safe

The weight might be a bit light for cookie dough

Although this product is available in a variety of sizes, I prefer the 20″ version. The size is ideal for use in the kitchen as an all-arounder. 

This is the tool I would recommend if you are working with delicate pastries and thin crust. With its tapered ends and no handles to get in the way, this product is simple to maneuver.

Best Budget: Good Cook Classic Wood Rolling Pin

best rolling pins: Best Budget: Good Cook Classic Wood Rolling Pin


It has smooth surface ensures good rolling

Good value

Lightweight makes it easy to use


The label might get stuck directly to the wood

Handles may not be sturdy enough

If you’re looking for a low-cost option because you only bake once in a while. This Good Cook Classic Wood Rolling Pin is ideal for you. 

Do you think this low-cost rolling pin is equally low-quality? Well, you’re mistaken! Because the rolling pin is made of hardwood and features nylon bearings, it glides smoothly. 

The label that gets stuck on the wood, however, is a disadvantage of this product. To completely remove the residue, I recommend using elbow grease and probably vegetable oil.

Best For Measuring: Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin

best rolling pins: Best For Measuring: Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin


Easily measure and adjust the thickness of the dough

It is lightweight

The measurements are printed on the barrel


Not dishwasher safe

You need to press with a lot of weight when working on heavy dough

Be careful not to get the dough where the screw goes

I understand the difficulty of determining the ideal dough thickness. That was also my struggle before I discovered the Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin, which is the greatest for measuring dough’s thickness. 

This rolling pin is simple to use; simply unscrew the ends to swap out discs of different sizes. You can also remove the plastic rings linked to both ends of the rolling pins if you just want it to be a straight dowel. 

The weight of the rolling pin is a disadvantage of this device, as you require more weight while working with heavy dough.

Best Marble: Fox Run Marble Rolling Pin

best rolling pins: Fox Run Marble Rolling Pin


Aesthetically designed rolling pin

Easy to clean

The marble construction is durable


A little heavier than wood and nylon rolling pins

The dough tends to cling to it

Handles are not sturdy enough

You don’t really see a rolling pin on  a countertop or in the kitchen very often. They frequently end up in your kitchen drawers. However, with this artistically pleasing marble rolling pin, you may want to reconsider keeping it in your drawer. 

This product is built entirely of marble, which has the inherent capacity to stay slightly cooler than room temperature, making it excellent for preparing goods with a high fat content that may easily melt, such as buttery pastry crusts.

Your Buying Guide

When it comes to rolling pins, personal preference is usually the deciding factor. Rolling pins, on the other hand, are made for certain tasks in the kitchen. As a result, I’ve included several aspects to consider when purchasing a rolling pin.

Below are the features you might want to consider.


The material of a rolling pin is crucial to consider since it influences the jobs and how easy the rolling pin is to use. 

The hardwood rolling pin is the most common material that we are familiar with and that most of us have in our kitchens which pins are adaptable and well-balanced. Marble rolling pins are another alternative that is made to be cooled, which aids in the handling of fatty dough. This material is also quite sturdy; just keep it from falling to avoid it breaking. Nylon rolling pins, on the other hand, excel in a variety of ways and can be used in a variety of kitchen jobs.


Beginners will benefit from the handles because they provide an excellent grip. Professionals, on the other hand, prefer to incorporate handles in their rolling pins for a well-balanced amount of pressure on both sides. 

If you want to utilize rolling pins without handles, you’ll need to use a gentler, more concentrated touch to keep closer contact with the dough and manage the pressure with your fingertips.


Last but not least, the aesthetics of the product should be considered while purchasing a rolling pin. We have to admit that if you enjoy the aesthetic of the rolling pin, you’ll probably like your rolling pin even more. 

When it comes to aesthetics, marble rolling pins have the most stunning designs in a rolling pin that you may display on your countertop rather than in a kitchen drawer.

People Also Ask

What is the best length for a rolling pin?

18-22 inches is the ideal length.

What are rolling pins used for?

Rolling pins can be very versatile in your kitchen.

Traditionally, they’re used to flatten doughs evenly for more consistent cooks/bakes (such as pie, pastry, cookie, and pasta doughs).

Should rolling pins be oiled?

Yes, if your rolling pin is wooden.

Adding some mineral oil to your wooden rolling pin makes it last much longer. You’ll see fewer cracks and a stronger rolling pin.

Simply add a few drops of mineral oil/ butcher block oil to a cloth and massage your rolling pin with it.


After researching and testing out various rolling pins that might be able to help us decide the best rolling pins of 2024, the J.K Adams Dowel Rolling Pin as my top choice. This rolling pin is ideal for a variety of jobs while rolling dough, regardless of how heavy or delicate the dough is. 

Although if you prefer rolling pins with handles, another J.K Adams product, the J.K Adams Gourmet Rolling Pin, may be a good fit. It’s simple to use, even for amateur dough rollers. 

Are you on a limited budget as well? Don’t worry, the Good Cook Classic Wood Rolling Pin is ideal for your pocket with its smooth surface, which ensures efficient dough rolling. 

Do you want to say your goodbyes to the wine glass you’ve been using as a rolling pin? Leave a comment below with the rolling pin you’d like.