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The 11 Best Cast Iron Accessories (2024 Review and Guide)

Are you getting the most out of your cast iron cooking gear? It’s not enough to just invest in cast iron pots and pans because there are many different accessories that will make your life easier and food tastier! So, we have here the best cast iron accessories of 2024.

We’ve already discussed the Best Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven, which is ideal for your kitchen. What about the best cast iron accessories to go with your new cast iron purchase? 


We are a community of international passionate gourmet kitchen hobbyists. We research, test, burn things, and educate around what matters in the home kitchen.

Cast iron requires regular care to ensure that it may be used in your kitchen for a long time. It also makes your work go faster and easier when you have the correct equipment to help you streamline the process. 

We have a good variety of cast iron accessories here to keep it clean and keep your hands safe when using it.

The Cast Iron Accessories Of 2024:

In a rush?  Here are our favorite cast iron accessories recommendations. We go into more detail about why we like them later on in this article.

Seasoning Kit: Cast Iron Seasoning Oil and Natural Wood Scrubber Brush Cleaning Kit
Handle Covers: Lodge Nokona Leather Hot Handle Holder
Spider for Deep Frying: Helen’s Asian Kitchen Natural Bamboo Handle$BEST PRICE
Egg and Pancake Rings: Emoly Silicone Egg Ring$BEST PRICE
Magnetic Trivet: GUNSTIG Trivet$BEST PRICE
Pot Protector: All-Clad, 3-piece Set Cookware Protectors $BEST PRICE
Dutch Oven Carry Bag: Camp Chef Dutch Oven Carry Bag 12″$$BEST PRICE
Stainless Steel Chainmail: The Ringer Cast Iron Cleaner$$BEST PRICE
Grill Press: Cuisinart CGPR-221 Cast Iron Grill Press $$BEST PRICE
Pan Scrapers: Original Pan Scrapers Set$BEST PRICE
Maximum Heat Oven Mitts: Gorilla Grip Silicone Oven Mitt Set$BEST PRICE

Our Favorite Cast Iron Accessories Review

Here are my recommendations for the best accessories for your cast iron. All of the products included are of the highest quality, and each one excels in a different way.

Seasoning Kit: Cast Iron Seasoning Oil and Natural Wood Scrubber Brush Cleaning Kit

best cast iron accessories: seasoning kit

The Highlights:


Fragrance free

Perfect oil blend

It is 100% vegan 


Low smoke point

Oil may solidify in the bottle

Wooden brush is not sturdy enough 

Cast iron pans are not the same as regular pans. If you want to take full advantage of your pan, you’ll need to season it properly and apply some oils. 

This oil is designed to season cast iron while also providing health benefits. This is excellent for you if you don’t cook at a high temperature. Despite the strong smell of coconut, this product is guaranteed to be fragrance-free.

Handle Covers: Lodge Nokona Leather Hot Handle Holder

best cast iron accessories: handle covers


Provides good grip

Made with premium ball-glove leather

Protect hands from heat up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit 


The leather may dry up and crack

Not intended for oven use and in direct flame

It only fits perfectly with Lodge skillets or skinny handle skillets

Lodge teamed up with Nokona, a well-known ball glove manufacturer, to design an incredible device that protects your hands from being burned. 

If you have Lodge cookware, this ball-glove leather is ideal for keeping your hands from too much heat from the handle. Yes, you can use a towel or potholders, however having this handle cover allows you to move the pan more conveniently.

Spider for Deep Frying: Helen Chen’s Stainless Steel Spider

helen chen's stainless steel spider


Wire has larger opening to drain faster 

Bamboo handle does not conduct heat easily 

The angled handles allows it to get into pots easily 


Not ideal to use for smaller pieces 

Basket may deform while stirring with more meat 

Not sturdy enough, not designed for heavy lifting 

Whether you’re scooping pasta from boiling water, fries, boiled eggs, or deep frying, this web-like design strainer can handle anything that needs to be lifted. 

The wide pores make it easier to drain water or oil. When used, its long bamboo handle ensures safety and ease. It also included a  huge  basket that can hold a significant amount of food.

Egg and Pancake Rings: Emoly Silicone Egg Ring

best cast iron accessories: silicone egg ring


Dishwasher safe

Retractable handle for easy storage 

Made of nonstick silicone for easy removal and clean up


Cannot withstand heat over 446 degrees fahrenheit

Metal handle conducts heat while cooking

Don’t sit completely in the pan and can cause leakage 

Want to have perfectly shaped eggs? Maybe some pancakes? That is something that this product can assist you with!

It can be used to make pancakes, fried eggs, egg muffins, omelets, and other dishes. Your children will undoubtedly enjoy eating their neatly shaped eggs. 

Magnetic Trivet: GUNSTIG Trivet

best cast iron accessories: magnetic trivet


Dishwasher safe

Easy to store, it magnets on the refrigerator 

Made of silicone rubber magnet so it will not slip


Not suitable for huge size cast iron

Not safe to use if temperature is over 320 degrees fahrenheit

It absorbs dirt from cast iron, it needs scrubbing when cleaning

How can you keep your countertop stain, spills, and burns free? This item is ideal for keeping your countertop safe from mess.

As we all know that in the kitchen we cannot avoid hot mess, it is great to protect your counter surfaces or tables from it. It can easily and strongly hang on your cast iron with its magnetic property, so you do not need to worry about spill, stain and burns.

Pot Protector: All-Clad, 3-piece Set Cookware Protectors 

best cast iron accessories: all-clad pot protector


Made of non-woven polyester

Keep your cookware organize

Protects pots and pans from scratches


It may take up large space in your storage

The may smell bad if you put your pot not dried properly

When it comes to storing your favorite pot and pans, we are pretty sure you’re worried about damaging it. Worry no more! This product was designed to protect your cookware from scratches, chipping and sliding.

It’s available in three different sizes to accommodate your various cookware sizes. You can stack your kitchenware without fear of it being damaged. 

Dutch Oven Carry Bag: Camp Chef Dutch Oven Carry Bag

best cast iron accessories: dutch oven carry bag


Weather resistant liner

With wrap handle for added support

Has added pad liner to keep oven safe


Not sturdy enough

Zipper of the bag is flimsy

Place some support in the bottom for added support

Going camping and seeking something to keep your cast iron through your journey? You get insurance with this bag to prevent harm to your cast iron.

Whatever your cast iron brand is, it may fit well with this bag. It is designed to hold almost all models of cast iron. This backpack is weather resistant, whether you go on wet days or scorching days.

Stainless Steel Chainmail: The Ringer – The Original Stainless Steel Cast Iron Cleaner

best cast iron accessories:  the ringer


Heavy duty chain mail scrubber

Doesn’t need oil to prevent rusting

Guaranteed to clean your cast iron with heavy dirt on it


If you scrub too hard it can take off the seasoning of the cast iron

Quality may not be so lasting

Do you waste money every month on a new sponge? Or maybe each week? This product ensures that your cast iron is well cleaned with strong dirt, like crust or burnt cheese.

These chain mail sheets appear medieval, yet they are practical and efficient at cleaning your favorite cast iron. This will undoubtedly extend the life of your cast iron and reduce cleaning time.

Grill Press: Cuisinart CGPR-221, Cast Iron Grill Press

best cast iron accessories:  grill press


Easy grip wooden handles

Press away unwanted fat and oil

Wooden handle is not good conductor of heat


It needs to be seasoned

Surface finish doesn’t last long

Dry it well after cleaning to avoid rust

It was easier, faster, and healthier to grill with your family or friends. Excess fat and oil can easily be drained by pressing it using this tool and create incredible char marks on the food.

It’s a must have in your kitchen whether you’re an experienced cook or novice to grill. This is an excellent value for a durable tool, which helps you best to make sandwich and gourmet grill meat.

Pan Scrapers: Original Pan Scrapers Set

best cast iron accessories:  pan scrapers


Provides good grip

Good value for quality product

Rounded corners that fit perfectly in the corners of the pan


Not great for heavy duty cleaning

A bit short for cast iron griddle and skillet

Size is too large for to fit into the grooves to clean them

Want to cook, but don’t you like to clean the cooked residue that is left on the cast iron? You may simply clean your cast iron by scraping it with the help of this divine tool.

If you are worried about scraping your cast iron, it won’t damage your precious cookware. It is built of plastic polycarbonate that is totally functional. And with all sorts of kitchenware and almost wherever else you can also utilize this.

Maximum Heat Oven Mitts: Gorilla Grip Silicone Slip Resistant Oven Mitt Set

best cast iron accessories: gorilla grip silicone slip resistant oven mitts


It is water-proof

It has thick pad lining

Made of slip-resistant silicone


It might be too bulky to some especially with small hands

Pet hair may stick on the glove

Not recommended to use over 484 degrees fahrenheit

When cooking in the kitchen, we can’t prevent burning. Or you are having a hard time removing your cast iron in the oven because of its hot surface. This product protects your hands against it. 

This tool gives you an excellent grip on your iron cast cookware and guarantees that it will not slip in your hands. The inside is cotton lined which gives your hands comfort.

A Guide Maintenance Guide for You Cast Iron

Much of the fact that cast iron is versatile, sturdy, and inexpensive is among the most preferred cookware materials. Cast iron has a reputation for being hard to take care of for some reason.

In fact, they are almost indestructible. If you follow some basic instructions, it should take your iron cast cookware the remainder of your life. Here are some tips for prolonging the life of your cast iron.


Let’s start with your cast iron’s very basic care. It is necessary to clean a filthy cast iron. But how will your cast iron be cleaned?

One of the most common convictions about soap is that you can’t use soap to clean it because it might strip away your seasoning that you worked hard to establish.  But little did you know, it’s important to wash away dirt and oil.

If you are worried about the seasoning that you can strip when you wash it in soap, one thing is sure: our mild, modern soaps that we use now will not really remove it.


After you’ve cleaned, seasoned, and dried your cast iron, it’s time to put it away. And you don’t want to take it for granted because casting iron storage is very important.

Make sure it’s completely dry before storing it by hanging it or stacking it in a mound. If you’re stacking your cast iron, we suggest using an accessory like the All-Clad, 3-Piece set cookware protectors or a paper towel or thin cloth to keep it from scratching, chipping and slipping


It’s not about salt and pepper when we talk about seasoning cast iron.

The word refers to a layer of oil which has been baked in the iron and which forms a permanent and impermeable layer which protects the iron from corrosion and prevents food sticking.

You can, however, purchase pre-seasoned cast iron. However, some cast iron needs to be re-seasoned, and some cast iron does not come pre-seasoned. You can acquire a number of oils to season your cast iron, but it’s crucial to figure out what works best for you and your cast iron

Avoid acids:

Acids aren’t your cast irons’ buddy. Yes, it’s true that acids can respond and leach into your food with your cast iron.

However, it can avoid the acid getting into contact with iron itself if you season your cast iron well. Unlike to wash, scrub or scrape, acid is one of the few things that may deteriorate your seasoning. 

Dry it thoroughly:

Another enemy of your cast iron is water. It doesn’t mean that you will not wash it with water and soap but it is recommended to dry it promptly. 

The best approach to dry the cast iron is with a towel or cloth. Even better, when it is dried by hand, it is advisable to dry up all the water by casting iron on a high flame. The heat will accelerate evaporation, drive away every last bite of moisture and provide a completely dry pot.

People Also Ask

What utensil is best on cast iron?

Stainless steel is the best to use. It won’t scratch your cast iron- and it won’t melt with the high cast iron heats.

How do I display my cast iron skillet?

The best way is to use wall pegs, hooks, or screws to hang your cast iron off of. Just be sure the peg is secure and the cast iron fits on it comfortably.

Can silicone utensils be used on cast iron?

Silicone CAN be used on cast iron. Always season your cast iron first (or using a new cast iron pan). Also- you’ll want to make sure your silicone spatula can handle high heat. Otherwise it may melt!


We all want the best for our treasured cast iron Cookware. These excellent kitchen investments that may be passed down through generations if properly cared for. Seasoning it is also a good way to extend its use. The Cast Iron Seasoning Oil and Natural Wood Scrubber Brush Cleaning Kit is the best seasoning for your cast iron. This product is fragrance-free and vegan, with added health benefits. 

Of course, we don’t want to scratch our cast iron when keeping it. The All-Clad 3-piece Set Cookware Protectors are the ideal way to safeguard your cast iron in storage. This way you can stack your cast iron without fear of scratches I with its non-woven polyester material. 

Cleaning your cast iron is an important step. It must be handled with caution to avoid scratching and chipping. However, our Original Pan Scrapers Set makes cleaning and assuring the safety of your cast iron a snap. It will certainly be gently removing dirt from your cast iron with its polycarbonate plastic. 

Still looking for the best cast iron skillet? Check out our latest review and guide here.

It must be challenging to decide which cast iron accessories will be the best. However, you can have them all to show that you care for your cast iron. So, which of the accessories piqued your interest the most? Let me know what you think in the comments!