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Amazon’s 9 Best Ayesha Curry Cookware (2024 Review and Guide)

Do you admire Ayesha Curry’s beautiful kitchen cookware? Let’s look at the best Ayesha Curry cookware on Amazon.


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9 Best Ayesha Curry Cookware and Accessories (2024 Review and Guide)

Why You Should Get Ayesha Curry’s Cookware and Accessories

Another line of TV personality cookware is Ayesha Curry Cookware. She is the wife of NBA superstar Steph Curry and has launched her cookware line.

The cookware is known for its environmentally friendly and safe products. Although it is a new brand, it is gaining popularity among home cooks for its affordability and high-quality features.

All of the products are durable, and they have beautiful designs that add to the beauty of your kitchen.

The nonstick interior’s diamond pattern enables evenly distributed heat, producing perfectly cooked foods, like omelettes or vegetables.

If you’re considering buying some of her cookware or accessories, I’ve put up a list of the best ones for you!

What to Look for When Buying Ayesha Curry‘s Cookware and Accessories

You’ll want to buy one of the Ayesha Curry’s cookware on our list. But, before you go out and buy one, here’s a buying guide to help you choose the best one.


One of the reasons we adore Ayesha Curry’s kitchenware is the variety of materials available. This brand has it all, from steel to porcelain.

Many of you will already have preferences for the materials used in your cookware. Steel, aluminum, copper, and cast iron are the most common cookware materials. You should consider materials that are simple to clean and maintain.


Before rushing out to buy Ayesha Curry cookware, set a budget and stick to it. Investing in a high-quality pot or pan now will save you money in the long run. Cookware sets are also an excellent way to save money.


It would be best to look at all of the color options available in the cookware model. Ayesha Curry cookware is available in a variety of colors. Everything about the cookware, from the exterior to the handles, should fit your kitchen aesthetics.


The cookware’s versatility on various cooktops is essential. You should be aware that not all Ayesha Curry cookware is compatible with all types of cooktops.

The type of stove matters more than any other factor in a buying guide. It will also be beneficial if you opt for oven-safe cookware. You can use most of Ayesha Curry’s kitchenware in the oven.

Maintenance and Care

Maintaining and caring for your Ayesha Curry pots and pans is essential to your daily kitchen experience. You must consider the material of each piece of cookware and how to use it and clean it properly.

Ayesha Curry Cookware and Accessories Product Reviews

Here are the reviews of the best Ayesha Curry Cookware and Accessories:

1. Best Enameled: Ayesha Curry Home Collection Porcelain Enamel Nonstick Covered Deep Skillet With Helper Handle

If you are looking for an enameled skillet, this is the one for you to buy. This skillet is made of durable aluminum that heats quickly.

It is PFOA-free, so you can be sure your family is safe. Because of this, it is even less likely to get stuck. It will make your food look good and cook evenly. Plus, there will be no mess.

The Highlights:


+ PFOA-free nonstick coating

+ It is available in four different enamel color

+ Made from durable aluminum for fast and even heating


– Not induction compatible

– It slides on a glass stovetop

– The lid’s handle may loosen over time

2. Best For Stovetop: Ayesha Curry Home Collection Hard-Anodized Nonstick Cookware Pots and Pans Set, 9 Piece

This Ayesha Home Collection Hard Anodized Aluminum 9-Piece Cookware Set will take your kitchen to the next level. This set of essential pots and pans is ideal for quick family dinners or making a statement with new brunch, date night, or holiday gathering dishes.

This cookware set will eliminate any hot spots that could cause food to burn. It also has a flared, elegant silhouette for a more modern style. The PFOA-free nonstick coating in a copper tone makes cleanup a breeze.


+ The pots and pans are spacious 

+ Made in hard-anodized aluminum for fast heating

+ Features double-riveted stainless steel handles and shatterproof glass lids


– The lids get too hot 

– Not induction friendly 

– The finish may come off over time

3. Best For Tight Spaces: Ayesha Curry Nonstick Bakeware Toaster Oven Set with Nonstick Baking Pan

This Ayesha 4-Piece Toaster Oven Bakeware Set can bake small things in your oven or toaster oven. People who don’t have an oven but want to bake something toaster will love this set.

This set comes with everything you need to bake in a toaster oven made of high-performance steel. A diamond-textured, enhanced nonstick surface makes cleaning up quick and easy. The baking pans have wide sides that provide a secure grip while removing them from the toaster oven.


+ Made out of durable carbon steel

+ It features a diamond textured nonstick surface for easy food release 

+ Downsized bake pans designed to fit in the toaster oven, perfect for tight spaces


– It may discolor over time

– Rust may occur if it is not well dry after washing

– The edges are too big and have chances of not fitting in the toaster

4. Best Cast Iron: Ayesha Curry Home Collection Enameled Cast Iron Skillet

This cast-iron frying pan is made of durable virgin ore cast iron, and you can use it on any surface, including ovens and induction. It’s light and easy to manage for family dinners or putting your twist on classic recipes.

The fry pan has an enameled surface for easy cleaning, and it’s ideal for baking rustic bread or any other dish. The cast-iron frying pan has a glossy metallic enamel on the front for an elegant countertop design and a matte black enamel on the inner for excellent searing and browning.


+ Induction compatible 

+ Superior in heat distribution 

+ Oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit


– The handle is too short

– Enamel coating chips over time

– It needs reseasoning to keep it nonstick

5. Best Tools: Ayesha Curry Kitchen Gadgets Parawood Cooking Set with Pan Paddle,

These Ayesha Curry Kitchen Gadgets Parawood Cooking Set with Pan Paddle are a must-have addition to your new Ayesha Curry cookware collection. These parawood cooking tools will help you stir, flip, and serve. 

They are the perfect addition to your modern kitchen. With the flexible pan paddle, spurtle, solid spoon, and slotted spoon in this cooking tools set, you can quickly flip omelettes, or serve thick soups.


+ Available in different colors

+ Made from porcelain enamel 

+ It has a stain-resistant coating 


– It chips over time

– The handles get too hot 

– The sticker label on the pot is hard to remove 

6. Best For Stocks: Ayesha Curry Enamel on Steel Stock

We all need a large pot for making stocks and soups. This 12-quart porcelain enamel stockpot has a stylish design and is the perfect size for preparing large dinners and soups.

The Ayesha Home Collection makes high-quality cookware for perfecting traditional favorites and weeknight family dinners. The stockpot has a hard porcelain exterior. And it is made from fast and even heating enamel on steel. This high-quality cookware has durable enamel on steel handles and may be used in the oven up to 450°F.


+ Available in different colors

+ Made from porcelain enamel 

+ It has a stain-resistant coating 


– It chips over time

– The handles get too hot 

– The sticker label on the pot is hard to remove 

7. Best For Baking: Ayesha Curry Nonstick Bakeware Set with Nonstick Bread Pan

Ayesha Curry’s baking and roasting pans will bring out the best in your baking. This set of versatile baking and roasting pans is made of high-performance steel and features a textured diamond nonstick surface for better browning and easy food release.

The wide edges provide a secure hold when removing bakeware from a hot oven; the baking pans are oven safe up to 450°F. With the Ayesha Curry 6-Piece Bakeware Set, line up your ingredients and get baking.


+ Scratch-resistant and crack proof

+ It has a nonstick diamond pattern surface

+ Features extended edges for easy handling


– It easily warps

– It has no silicone handles

– The water collects in the rims and causes rust

8. Best For Cakes: Ayesha Curry Nonstick Bakeware Nonstick Baking Pan With Lid

Who doesn’t enjoy a good cake? Check out this Ayesha Curry Nonstick Bakeware Nonstick Baking Pan With Lid if you’re looking for a cake pan. Perfect for brownies or Brussels Sprouts with Roasted Pear and Cranberry Sauce.

It also comes with a plastic lid that seals tightly to preserve baked items and roasted dishes. The cake pan’s improved nonstick coating ensures consistent food release recipe after recipe. The pan is also oven safe up to 450°F.


+ It comes with a plastic lid cover 

+ Oven safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit

+ It has a diamond textured nonstick surface for easy food release


– The plastic lid is not oven safe 

– The lid may be difficult to remove 

– The copper coating my bubble and flake 

9. Best For Bacon Lovers: Ayesha Curry Enamel on Steel Bacon Grease Can

You should have a tool that lets you save and reuse bacon grease so you can use it to add more flavor when sauteing, frying, or roasting. This Ayesha Curry Enamel on Steel Bacon Grease Can is perfect for that!

It is durable, heavy-gauge steel that will last for a long time. It has a 4-inch diameter can that can hold enough bacon grease. Plus, the colored enamel exteriors are stain-resistant, making cleanup a breeze.


+ It comes with a lid

+ The weight is heavy enough and stabilizes the can

+ Comes in different colors that you can choose from 


– The lid does not fit tightly 

– The enamel chips over time

– There is no filter basket included

FAQs About Ayesha Curry Cookware and Accessories

Here are some commonly asked questions about Ayesha Curry Cookware and Accessories:

Is it safe to use Ayesha Curry cookware?

Yes, all cookware products are safe to use. But you still have to use it with all safety precautions. The cookware is also free of PFOA or other harmful chemicals commonly found in most cookware.

Is Ayesha Curry’s Cookware Dishwasher Safe?

Although you may wash Ayesha curry cookware in the dishwasher, handwashing it with mild soap and warm water will extend the cookware’s life.

Who manufactures Ayesha Curry cookware?

The Ayesha Curry frying pans, pots, and bakeware are made by “The Seasoned Life,” based in the United States, and uses the Ayesha Curry trademark.


Ayesha Curry offers high-quality cookware and bakeware at a very reasonable price. Why not give it a shot if you’re a fan of the Golden State Warriors or Steph Curry and his wife?

It has combined accessibility, functionality, and design to create a product that can compete at any level.

The Ayesha Curry Home Collection Porcelain Enamel Nonstick Covered Deep Skillet With Helper Handle is the best Enameled I can recommend. Because it is PFOA-free, you can rest assured that your family is safe. It will also improve the look of your meal and ensure that it cooks evenly.

This Ayesha Curry Kitchen Gadgets Parawood Cooking Set with Pan Paddle is the perfect match for your enameled skillet! Stirring, flipping, and serving are all made easier with these parawood cooking tools. They’ll look great in your modern kitchen.

Ayesha Curry’s baking and roasting pans are also ideal if you enjoy baking. This set of versatile baking and roasting pans has a textured diamond nonstick surface for enhanced browning and food release.

Which of the cookware and accessories on the list caught your attention? Let me know what you think in the comments!