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Amazon’s 10 Best Japanese teapots (2024 Reviews And Guide)

Do you use a teabag dipped in hot water to make your tea? There are a lot of flavors you’re losing out on, and you’ll need to get a teapot. For the year 2024, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best Japanese teapots.


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Best 10 Japanese Teapots Of 2024

Why You Should Get Japanese Teapots?

Tea drinking is a form of art. Over generations, the Japanese have mastered the art of preparing tea. And Japanese teapots are specifically designed to create the finest tea with the most exquisite flavors.

It is not only rooted in our culture, but it also offers health benefits. A cup of tea is a truly relaxing experience that you can share with others or enjoy alone.

Japanese teapots are available in a variety of designs, capacities, and materials. Let’s get started with the list if you’re ready to relax and appreciate the tranquility of a perfect brew delivered with artisanal flare.

What to Look for When Buying Japanese Teapots?

Choosing the best Japanese teapot for you can be difficult, especially if you don’t know how to identify the best one for you. However, with these criteria in mind, finding the best teapot will be much easier.


There are many various types of materials, each with its own set of features. The teapot made of stainless steel or cast iron will endure the longest, but it will be heavy.

Glass and porcelain are both aesthetically beautiful and lightweight materials. But to avoid breaking them, you must be very careful when transporting and holding them.


If it’s frequently used in your daily life or to serve large tea parties. You should be able to discover teapots with sufficient capacity for your needs. Large and medium sizes are frequently thought to save time and effort.

Heating Selections

There are a few kettle-like products on the market these days, and you can still boil tea on the stove. Also, despite the fact that it is a different model, it still maintains the temperature of the tea at the time while you are enjoying afternoon tea. 


Infusers made of stainless steel are common in today’s teapots. To keep the tiny tea leaves from drifting down the teapot, the mess part of the infuser must be in good working order. One thing to keep in mind is that the infuser can be simply disassembled for cleaning.

Ease of Cleaning

Some products are safe to put in the dishwasher to save you time and effort for the best convenience. Others can still wash with soap and warm water the old-fashioned way. Select a product that is simple to clean and does not produce odors.

10 best Japanese teapots Product Reviews

Here are the reviews of the best Japanese teapots

1. Best Overall: Hario Cha Kyusu Maru Japanese Teapot

Best japanese teapot: Hario Cha Kyusu Maru Tea Pot

Take a look at this Hario teapot if you prefer flowering or loose leaf teas. It comes in a high-quality Japanese glass that lets you see the color of various teas.

It is the epitome of tea preparation. It comes with a stainless steel filter that can handle loose-leaf or bagged tea. This teapot has a capacity of up to 700 ml. And the fluted lip simplifies pouring and reduces spillage.

The Highlights:


+ Comes with a large tea strainer 

+ It has a wide lid for easy refilling

+ Made from delicate Hario Japanese glassware


– Not dishwasher safe

– It can easily be chipped

– The tea does not stay too hot for an extended period

2. Best Design: Happy Sales HSTS-PMR02 Japanese Tea Set

Best japanese teapot: Happy Sales HSTS-PMR02 Japanese Tea Set

In one teapot set, you have both beauty and performance. Happy Sales’ product is made of high-quality porcelain in a red finish with black Kanji calligraphy.

This tea set has a traditional appearance that makes it a great decor item and makes a great cup of tea. The handle is constructed of bamboo, a traditional craft material. The cups included in the set are thick enough to offer hot, well-flavored tea to drinkers.


+ Elegant and traditional design 

+ The tea stays warm for long hours

+ It comes with four teacups and teapots


– The teacups can get very hot

– The handle is a little bit flimsy

– It is not suitable to use on a stove-top

3. Best Cast Iron: TOPTIER Japanese Cast Iron Teapot

Best japanese teapot: TOPTIER Japanese Cast Iron Teapot

This teapot by TOPTIER features a vintage design and solid construction. It is composed of cast iron, which ensures that the tea temperature is maintained.

There’s more to this teapot than meets the eye. It can break down Fe2 + elements that are good for your body, especially if you have anemia. There are 20 different color options to pick from to match your decor.


+ Comes with stainless steel infuser

+ Retains heat for an extended period

+ Made of durable cast iron and an enameled interior 


– It takes longer for the water to boil

– The handle’s edges are not rust-resistant

– The enamel interior coating may come off over time

4. Best Durable: TOWA Workshop Japanese Tetsubin

Best japanese teapot: TOWA Workshop Japanese Tetsubin

Are you looking for a reliable teapot? TOWA’s product is made of cast iron with a rust-resistant enamel inner coating.

The teapot has a removable stainless steel infuser and is safe on the stovetop. You can also read the truth about having a gas stovetop. It has a traditional design and is suitable for both boiling and brewing.


+ Crafted from durable cast iron 

+ Suitable for boiling or brewing

+ It has a rope-covered handle for safety


– Heavy, especially when filled

– Enamel interior coating may fall off

– It requires proper care to avoid rusting

5. Best Tea Set: MIYA Japanese Ocean Blue Five-Piece Tea Set

MIYA Japanese Ocean Blue Five-Piece Tea Set

If you want a teapot, it’s a good idea to hunt for teacups that go with it. But there’s no need to go any farther because this excellent tea set from MIYA is the best that we can suggest.

It’s made of beautiful ocean blue porcelain and comes with four matching teacups, making it even more elegant. It has a bamboo-wrapped handle for a more traditional look and feels. It also makes it easier to serve the tea without burning your fingers.


+ It does not chip quickly

+ It comes in 1 teapot and four teacups

+ Removable and heat resistant handle


– The size of the teapot is small 

– It does not come with a tea strainer 

– You cannot use the teapot to boil water

6. Best Ceramic: ZENS Ceramic Japanese Teapot Set

Best japanese teapot: ZENS Ceramic Japanese Teapot Set

If you’re looking for a modern ceramic teapot with a simple design, this is the one for you. 

It’s entirely made of China ceramic, so it doesn’t get hot when you pour tea into the container. It has a unique bentwood handle that gives the teapot an oriental feel. You can’t help but admire their design, which is both unique and simple to use.


+ Modern and elegant design 

+ Includes two teacups and coasters

+ It comes with heat resistant bentwood handle


– It is prone to stains 

– It may scratch easily 

– It can’t be heated directly 

7. Best Enameled: Iwachu Japanese Iron Tetsubin Japanese Teapot

Best japanese teapot: Iwachu Japanese Iron Tetsubin Japanese Teapot

This Iwachu teapot will appeal to everyone who appreciates traditional Japanese art. It comes in a variety of designs and colors, each representing a particular aspect of Japanese culture.

It comes with a loose-leaf infuser made of stainless steel and is simple to clean because of the removable infuser. It keeps the tea nice and toasty thanks to its cast iron construction even though it would be a lovely addition to any kitchen.


+ It has an enamel layer to prevent rust

+ Large enough to serve several cups of tea

+ It comes with a removable stainless steel infuser


– It is heavy

– Not dishwasher safe

– Not suitable for stovetops 

8. Best Gift: SUSTEAS Tetsubin Cast Iron Japanese Teapot

Best japanese teapot: SUSTEAS Tetsubin Cast Iron Japanese Teapot

Allow your loved ones to enjoy a cup of aromatic tea from a teapot. This SUSTEAS product is ideal as a gift for your loved ones.

It has a traditional tesubin design but no enamel coating, making it healthier to drink tea. It releases iron ions and absorbs chlorine into the water that allows you to feel what the early Japanese called “sweet gracefulness.”


+ Stovetop safe

+ It releases iron ions to make water soft and healthy

+ No chemical-based interior coating


– Prone to scratching

– It may rust over time 

– It does not retain heat well

9. Best Pottery: Kutani I Rabbit Pottery Japanese Teapot

Best japanese teapot: Kutani I Rabbit Pottery Teapot

This Kutani teapot is a work of art. It’s fashioned with Japanese porcelain stones and fired in a kiln.

The craftsmen have put in the time and effort to create such a lovely and functional teapot. This tea strainer is made of stainless steel and can hold up to 360 ml of water.


+ It is easy to clean and use 

+ Retains water temperature well

+ It comes with a stainless steel filter 


– Prone to breaking 

– The lid feels a little loose 

– The capacity of the teapot is only 350 ml

10. Best Clay: Tokoname Kyusu Youhen Japanese Teapot

Best japanese teapot: Tokoname Kyusu Youhen Japanese Teapot

The skilled craftsmanship of Tokoname pottery is well-known. This teapot is handmade out of clay that creates a beautiful pattern.

The Japanese red clay adds a sense of sensuality and purity to the look. This teapot has no chemicals that could influence the flavor of your tea, ensuring the purest tea flavor. It also includes a fine mesh filter for straining tea leaves.


+ It has a drip-free spout 

+ It comes with a built-in ceramic mesh

+ Extracts purest tea flavors with no chemicals


– It may easily break

– It may leak over time 

– It has a small capacity 

people also ask

Why are Japanese teapots cast iron?

People think that water that has been boiled in cast iron makes it taste better. Since Japanese teas are developed and delicate, boiling the water in a cast iron kettle makes the aftertaste sweeter and rounder.

Is it bad if my teapot has rust on it?

Rust on the teapot is safe and won’t hurt you in any way. In fact, many Japanese tea experts like the way tea taste when it comes from a rusty iron teapot. If the rust bothers you, clean it off with a soft brush, then put used tea leaves and boiling water in the pot.

Why are Japanese teapots so small?

Tea that has been steeped for a short time will still be hot when it is poured, and tea that is steeped in small amounts will cool quickly enough to drink. In many ways, small pots just give you more control over the brew. This is because the water gets flavored faster and the leaves can be drained all at once.


Beautifully designed and manufactured by talented artisans, Japanese teapots are used at traditional tea ceremonies. These exquisite teapots are ideal for entertaining guests at tea parties or as a decor centerpiece. 

If you’re looking for the best overall teapot, the Hario Cha Kyusu Maru Tea Pot is the best we can offer. This teapot can hold up to 700 ml of liquid. The fluted lip makes pouring easier and reduces spillage.

Teapots and matching teacups are always a good match. This MIYA Japanese Ocean Blue Five-Piece Tea Set is the best tea set for you. It comes with four matching teacups and is crafted of lovely ocean blue porcelain.

A teapot makes a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. This SUSTEAS Tetsubin Cast Iron Teapot is the best teapot to give as a gift. It is designed in the classic tesubin style. It releases iron ions into the water and absorbs chlorine, allowing you to experience what the early Japanese referred to as “sweet gracefulness.”

Are you ready to relax with a cup of tea? What is the best teapot for your brewing needs? Let us know what you think in the comments!