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Amazon’s 10 best Cheese Knives (2024 Review & Guide)

Nothing is more satisfying than a beautifully designed cheeseboard. And nothing can do that magic than cheese knives. So, we’ve rounded up the best cheese knives you will want to have in your kitchen.


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Best Cheese Knives of 2024

1Prodyne Multi-Use KnifeBest Overall
2W&P Design The Cheese KnifeBest Hard-Cheese Knife
3Premium 6-Piece Golden Cheese KnifeBest Gold Cheese Knives Set
4Boska Cheese Slicer with White Oak HandleBest for Slicing
5Marble & Copper Cheese Knives SetBest Copper
6BOSKA Monaco+ Cheese Knife SetBest High-End Option
7Wüsthof Gourmet Cheese Knife SetBest Gourmet Option
8Zwilling 3-Piece Cheese Knife SetBest Stainless Steel
9Freehawk 4-Piece SetBest Value
10Kikkerland Design Mouse Cheese Knives SetBest Cute Cheese Knives

Why You Should Get Cheese Knives

If you enjoy cheese, you are well aware of the value of cheese knives. A well-cut and designed cheese is a work of art. It is our way of showing our love for art and cheese. It makes even the most basic cheeseboard feel extra special.

When you’re on a keto diet, cheese can also be a staple food. We love it both ways, whether it’s on a cheeseboard or in melted cheese.

If you are interested in buying one for your love of cheese, let’s dig right into the list!

What to Look for When Buying Cheese knives

With so many options on the market, selecting a cheese knife can be confusing. You might want to think about these criteria before buying one to help you find the ideal one for you.


There are several types of cheese knives, each with its function. However, many knives are versatile and may be used to cut a variety of cheeses.

Hard cheese is cut with slicers and mini cleavers. Knives with holes work well with soft cheeses, whereas knives with spoked tips work well with aged cheeses. Choose a knife with the appropriate blade based on the type of cheese you prefer to use.


Stainless steel or high carbon steel is the typical construction of knives. These materials are durable and resistant to corrosion and rust. 


The size of the knives in your cheese knife set is also essential to consider, as a set with larger knives will be more difficult to store, and a set with smaller cheese knives will be more difficult to grip and use properly. A smaller, daintier set may not be as effective in cutting your cheeses as a heavy-duty set.


The safety and comfort of a cheese knife’s handle are important factors considered. Cheese slicing requires precision. If the handle is not ergonomic, you will be frustrated to see your strained wrist when holding it.

Set or Individual 

If you’re a frequent entertainer who serves a lot of cheese boards, buying a set rather than individual knives might be a good idea. They’ll look better together, and it’ll make things easier.

If you only serve cheese occasionally or eat it as a snack, it may be more cost-effective to buy each knife individually and add it on when you feel you’re missing a specific type of knife.

Cheese knives Product Reviews

Here are the reviews of the best cheese knives

1. Best Overall: Prodyne Multi-Use Knife

If you’re looking for the best overall cheese knife, this is the one to get. It is a versatile cheese knife that is also used to cut fruits and vegetables.

It can also chop a variety of cheeses. The open slated blades prevent it from sticking. Because of the double-pointed edge, you can also use it as a cheese fork.

The Highlights:


+ It has less cutting friction

+ Serrated edge perfect for carving 

+ It is also capable of slicing fruit and vegetables 


– It does not work well with hard cheese

– The knife is only suited for a right-handed user

– It may be difficult to clean with an open slated blade

2. Best Hard-Cheese Knife: W&P Design The Cheese Knife

Not every knife is designed to cut hard cheese. We’ve all struggled with it. But this will cut your hard cheese and frozen butter.

The sharply sharpened edge slices through hard cheeses with ease. You can break chunks off with the sharp tip. It will easily cut through your favorite cheeses and something you want to have in your kitchen.


+ It easily slices hard cheese 

+ Well-balance knife and has a comfortable grip

+ Durable and heavy-duty knives that can cut even butter


– Not dishwasher safe

– Not rust and corrosion resistant 

– The handle is too short for bigger hands

3. Best Gold Cheese Knives Set: Premium 6-Piece Golden Cheese Knife

Do you want a cheese knife set that includes everything you need? This set is used to chop various soft cheeses and has everything you need to present a charcuterie.

On your cheeseboard, the gold color looks elegant. You’ll enjoy entertaining guests at your home and serving them your favorite cheese board with these cheese knives set. It will indeed look presentable and elegant!


+ It has an elegant design

+ Comes with 6-piece cheese knives 

+ It will help a lot in presenting charcuterie


– It may rust overtime 

– The handles are very small 

– It is not ideal to use for hard cheese 

4. Best for Slicing: Boska Cheese Slicer with White Oak Handle

The blades of this cheese knife are incredibly flexible and can bend back and forth, allowing it to slide easily over the cheese.

The handle is made of oak wood and is quite comfortable to hold. It can cut through semi-hard and soft cheeses with ease. It is manufactured in the Netherlands, a country is known for its cheese-making expertise.


+ Flexible blade to glide the cheese easily 

+ made of authentic oak wood handle and stainless steel blade

+ It has very sharp blades, so you will not need too much force in slicing cheese


– It cuts the cheese too thin 

– Not ideal for hard cheese 

– The wood handle may crack 

5. Best Copper: Marble & Copper Cheese Knives Set

Knife handles are primarily what makes cheese knives attractive. This set will provide you with both beauty and functionality.

This four-piece set can do it all.  Any type of cheese can be held, cut, sliced, broken, shaved, and spread with it. It is ideal for any occasion and would look elegant even when used daily. It has high-quality stainless steel blades and sleek polished black marble handles that are comfortable to hold.


+ Well-balanced weight

+ It is affordable for a 4-piece set 

+ Made of stainless steel blade and polished black marble handles


– The handles may break 

– It is not rust and  corrosion resistant 

– It does not work well with hard cheese

6. Best High-End Option: BOSKA Monaco+ Cheese Knife Set

It is the best high-end product we can recommend if your love for cheese makes you want to spend more on your cheese knives.

It can handle everything from delicate Brie to firm Parmesan. It can cut any type of cheese. To cut soft and semi-hard cheeses, use the knife with the holes in the blade and the narrow blade. The quilted pattern on the blades and the special black coating make the knives non-stick.


+ It includes a leather case 

+ It will ideally produce a perfectly thin cut of cheese

+ The pattern on the blades make the knives non-stick 


– It is not rust-resistant 

– Not dishwasher safe 

– The blades are too soft. It takes a little practice to perfect a slice 

7. Best Gourmet Option: Wüsthof Gourmet Cheese Knife Set

Are you looking for more gourmet quality cheese knives? A gourmet chef would appreciate the quality of this set of cheese knives.

This set includes three knives, each of which is ideal for a different type of cheese. This set also includes a bamboo cheese board to complement the knives. Wusthof is a well-known cutlery brand. Their products are definitely of high quality, and even gourmet chefs would appreciate them.


+ Gourmet quality knives

+ It comes with a bamboo cheese board

+ Sharp enough to make thin and thick slices of cheese


– The cheese board is not of high quality

– It might not work well with soft cheeses

– The offset knife’s printing catching on cheese

8. Best Stainless Steel: Zwilling 3-Piece Cheese Knife Set

Stainless steel knives have a unique combination of beauty and durability. And these Zwilling stainless steel cheese knives are the best.

This set will give you exactly what you’re looking for. The blades are sharp and long-lasting, thanks to the strong alloy stainless steel construction. You can cut through different sorts of cheese with the three different types of knives, whether it’s hard or soft cheese. The handles are long enough to keep your knuckles from slamming into the board.


+ A well-balanced knife 

+ Durable and sharp knives

+ It comes with three different knives for different cheeses


– It may rust overtime 

– Not dishwasher safe 

9. Best Value: Freehawk 4-Piece Set

When purchasing anything, we frequently choose the least expensive option. However, not all low-cost items are of excellent quality. Fortunately, this pair of cheese knives from Freehawk is both affordable and high-quality.

The hardwood handles provide users with a secure grip. They are helpful to have in your kitchen. In addition to being sharp, their tiny size makes them convenient to store when not in use.


+ Well-balanced and sharp 

+ Ergonomic bamboo handles 

+ Affordable price for a four-piece set


– It is a little flimsy

– You might find the size too small 

– The bamboo handles need more maintenance 

10. Best Cute Cheese Knives: Kikkerland Design Mouse Cheese Knives Set

“Aww, cute!” I’m sure everyone thought when they first saw these knives. They do have a cute style that is ideal for picnics and parties.

The knives’ handles look like mice with tiny leather ears. They’re not only cute, but they’re also helpful for slicing cheese. These knives can cut through any cheese, soft or hard. You can easily manipulate the thickness of the cheese you want. 


+ Unique and cute design 

+ It works well with hard and soft cheese

+ The handles are made of soft and sturdy rubberwood


– Not rust resistant 

– The ears of the mice design may break over time 

– It is Small in size and may not be suited for big parties

FAQs About Cheese Knives

Here are some commonly asked questions about cheese knives:

What’s the best way to keep the cheese from sticking to the knife?

The cheese will not stick to knives with holes cut out of the blade or to cheese wire. When you slice your cheese while it’s still cold, the friction is reduced.

Do you sharpen cheese knives? 

It will depend on how frequently they are used. Cheese knives should be sharpened every one to two years, according to most experts. However, this is dependent on the knife’s quality and model, as well as how frequently it is used.

What’s the purpose of having different knives for different cheeses?

The textures of various kinds of cheese differ. When it comes to hard cheese, for example, you want it to crumble into larger pieces. Different knives designed specifically for this purpose will make the job go more smoothly and quickly.


Cheese knives that are well-suited to your preferences will make your wine and cheese night extra special. There are several cheese knives to choose from, but we believe the Prodyne Multi-Use Knife is the best overall. It’s capable of slicing a variety of cheese. The open slated blades prevent the cheese from sticking.

However, not all cheese knives are capable of slicing hard cheeses. Finding a knife that can easily cut through hard cheese has been a challenge for cheese lovers. The W&P Design The Cheese Knife comes highly recommended for hard cheese. The sharpened edge effortlessly cuts through hard cheese and even frozen butter.

We recommend the Freehawk 4-Piece Set for a more affordable option. These knives are not only inexpensive, but they are also of excellent quality. They are efficient in the kitchen. The wooden handles provide a secure hold for users.

Check out some of our design ideas and tricks if you’re seeking new ways to present your cheese plates. It would be beneficial to prepare cheese platters to serve your guests.

Which cheese knife do you prefer? Please let us know in the comments section.