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5 Simple Steps To Properly Clean Yonanas Machine In A Snap?

Making healthy Yonanas recipes is fun- yet cleaning your yonanas machine can be a pain, right?. Here’s 5 simple steps for a clean Yonanas machine in a snap.

I use my Yonanas almost every day. Doesn’t matter if it’s summer, winter, spring or fall! Why? Well, you can have the best ice cream makers, Vitamix blenders or blenders.. yet I love the Yonana because it’s the easiest to use and clean in my experience.

Especially as someone with a sweet tooth- and lactose intolerance- I was intrigued by the Yonanas machine. I got one and never looked back.

It doesn’t matter which model you have, you clean them all the same way. And if you want to dive deeper into Yonanas Classic VS Deluxe VS Elite, you can check that out to find the perfect Yonanas machine to meet your needs.

As a beginner in using the Yonanas machine, cleaning it properly can be a challenge. You’ll be worried about cleaning it in the wrong way.

It is not hard as you think it is. So, let me share my knowledge on properly cleaning Yonanas’ machine in a snap!

How to remove the parts of Yonanas Machine?

The first thing you need to learn to clean your Yonanas machine is to remove the parts. Yonanas parts are chute, plunger, blades, seal, and screw cap.

Disassembling Yonanas Step 1:

If the fruit chute is straight down and up, it is locked. To remove it, turn the chute to the left, and it will release a “clicking” sound. It means the chute is unlocked, and you can remove it from the base. 

Disassembling Yonanas Step 2:

Look for the cap that has ridges on the bottom of the chute. Then turn the cap to the left to unscrew it completely.

Disassembling Yonanas Step 3:

After unscrewing the cap, be careful when handling the metal blade assembly – the blades are extremely sharp and should be handled with care.

Disassembling Yonanas Step 4:

Carefully grasp the edges of the white blade assembly. Be careful not to cut your fingers with the sharp blades. Then, separate them from the cap at the bottom.

Disassembling Yonanas Step 5:

Take the edge of the seal made of rubber and pull the seal until you completely remove it from the screw cap on the bottom.

Here’s a  video of 5 easy steps to remove the parts of your Yonanas machine.

How to clean the parts of the Yonanas machine?

Cleaning the Yonanas machine is nearly as simple as removing the parts from each other. It only takes 3 simple steps!

Step 1:

To clean your Yonanas, you need to remove and remove the pieces off the bases. Just follow the steps above to remove the parts of the Yonanas machine. 

Step 2:

Scoop out any remaining fruit chunks. 

Step 3:

Then wash the pieces in warm water and allow them to dry. 

According to Yonanas, it’s dishwasher safe. But some Amazon reviews pointed out that the chute would “warp to decrease in size” after being put into a dishwasher.

Here’s a video on cleaning your Yonanas machine easily and quickly!

How to put back Yonanas Machine together?

To assemble your Yonanas machine:

Step 1:

Place the rubber seal on the cap screw.

Step 2:

Set the blade assembly on the top of the seal and press down to ensure it is secured (beware of cutting edges).

Step 3:

Install the screw cap on the bottom with the blades. And seal the rubber in place into the bottom of the fruit chute. Turn the screw cap to the right until it’s fully tightened.

Step 4:

Set the chute in the center of the table (slightly pointed to the right) to align the notches. Rotate the chute to the right until there is a “click,” which means your chute is locked.

Clean Yonanas Machine

Tips for maintaining and taking care of your Yonanas machine

  1. Always clean your Yonanas after every use. 
  2. Use the Yonanas only for the purpose described in the manual.
  3. Although Yonanas is kid-friendly, it’s not a toy. Keep an eye on your children, so they don’t play on the device.
  4. Ensure the machine parts are fully dry before storing the machine.
  5. Wipe the parts to dry to avoid mold build-up.

FAQs About Yonanas

Is Yonanas kid-friendly?

Kids love playing in the kitchen or helping when it comes to making their food. Making kid-friendly activities in the kitchen is easy using Yonanas. 

It’s so easy to use. But you’ll only need to guide your kids for their safety. Plus, it teaches children about the importance of clean and healthy eating.

Can you put fully frozen fruit into the maker machine?

It works best to let the frozen fruit thaw for 5-10 minutes on your countertop before putting it into Yonanas. It gives more consistency and texture, similar to natural ice cream.

Does the Yonanas maker work without bananas?

Absolutely! Bananas make an excellent base for many desserts. But there are plenty of things you can create without using them. 

You can check out these Yonanas healthy recipes that will blow your mind!


Yonanas is one of the best ways to serve customized frozen desserts to friends, relatives, and guests. It’s part of our summer treats. And you can easily make desserts at any time of the year!

I can truly say that Yonanas devices are worth your money. The health benefits speak for themselves. Plus, it’s an ideal gift for vegan people or those with dietary or dairy issues.

You will be impressed by how easy it is to clean Yonanas’ machine using only a small amount of soapy water. You can easily disassemble the machine and spread the pieces within your dishwasher.

What Yonanas recipe do you enjoy making the most? Let me know in the comments!