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10 Proven Best Wine and Pizza Pairing (Save This CheatSheet!)

You can avoid the 7 deadliest sins when choosing wine with these 10 proven wine and pizza pairing combinations.

Why? Wine and pizza go together like steak and blueberries or peanut butter and pickles! A surprisingly sinful combination you with you tried sooner!

But pairing the right pizza toppings with the right wine is an art form. You might be thinking if you should go for a red, white, or sparkling wine?

You must balance the wine’s intensity with the richness of the pizza. So, if you’re ready, here’s a list of wine and pizza pairings that proved to work!

1. Cheese Pizza

wine and pizza pairing:  classic cheese

Oh, cheese! We all love the classic New York slice of cheese pizza with red sauce. It’s something simple you can even make at home using a cast iron pan with a simple hack.

The red sauce becomes the main focus of the wine pairing because of its acidity and intense flavor.  

A GSM blend will do the job. It is a Grenache, Syrah (or Shizah), and Mourvedre blend.  

And another excellent option is Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, a grape cultivated in Abruzzo, a region east of Rome.

2. Pepperoni Pizza 

wine and pizza pairing:  pepperoni pizza

A spicy topping, such as pepperoni, will dominate the pizza’s flavor and may be able to take a more strong wine.

Choose a wine with rich, fruity flavors, like a Sangiovese, to balance the pepperoni’s intense spiciness. Its savory flavors and moderate acidity will cut through the fat and saltiness of the pepperoni. And then you will have the ideal moreish pairing.

Check out my review on the best deli slicers you can have at home. It will surely help you cut your pepperoni in the same size!

wine and pizza pairing:  pineapple pizza

3. Pineapple Pizza

Are you that person who believes that pineapple does not go well with pizza? Or are you a pineapple pizza lover?

If you’re a fan, white wines with good acidity and enough substance to handle the flavors are a good choice. This Fiano from the Riverina region of New South Wales can pair well with that!

4. Margherita Pizza

wine and pizza pairing:  margherita pizza

A bubbly crust of Margherita pizza pairs well with rosé. It’s light enough to suit the delicate basil while still providing some grip than a white wine to handle the sauce’s acidity.

But if you are a red wine lover, Garnacha will work well. It’s sometimes more about your surroundings when choosing whether to have a red, white, or rosé wine. Stick to lighter reds as a starting point with something light-flavored like a Margherita Pizza.

wine and pizza pairing: sausage pizza

5. Sausage Pizza

Are you a fan of sausage pizza? If you are, you can try pairing it with bolder red wines.

The spices intensities in full-bodied wines like Syrah and Pinotage go well with rich foods like sausage. Syrah and Pinotage have rich dark fruit, which should pair nicely with a fennel-based sausage.

6. Hawaiian Pizza

wine and pizza pairing:  hawaiian pizza

A versatile white wine is a way to go if you like this sweet and salty combination!

The combination of ham and pineapple coated in cheese goes well with a Riesling, which has its own sweet and acidic profile. The Riesling’s acidity serves as a palate cleanser. And its sweetness will take your ham pineapple experience to the next level.

Try a fruitier or sweeter red like Zinfandel, Primitivo, or Lambrusco if you can’t find a Riesling that you like.

wine and pizza pairing:  vegetarian pizza

7. Vegetarian Pizza

Are you a vegan or simply a fan of vegetarian pizza? You can’t go wrong with a cold, crisp Sauvignon Blanc with sufficient fresh acidity to handle the wide range of vegetables.

A dry rose wine might also be a good choice with all of the clashing flavors. Who can say no to peppers, olives, onions, and mushrooms on a vegetable pizza?

8. White Pizza

wine and pizza pairing:  white pizza

White pizza is different from the traditional red sauce. You can enjoy two great wines that pair well with the ‘white stuff.’ 

It enhances the natural creamy flavors of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.  Of course, many wines pair nicely with cream. But Pinot Noir and Chardonnay have a particular affinity for the green herbs that are often sprinkled on top of your pizza.

wine and pizza pairing: barbecue chicken

9. Barbecue Chicken Pizza 

We’ve talked a lot about barbecuing and marinades here. But, barbeque pizza is something that you should pair with wine.

The smokiness and sweetness of the sauce will match Pinot Noir’s fruitiness. Its light body and delicate tannins will complement the chicken well without overpowering it.

10. Salad Pizza

wine and pizza pairing: salad

You read that right! A salad pizza. A new pizza style and a healthier option.

If you are a vegan or simply prefer a healthier option to a classic pizza. It is a fresh bunch of greens on top of a pizza crust, coated in a tangy vinaigrette.

A Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay is the perfect wine to pair with this. It can match the salad pizza’s acidic flavor.

You should avoid reds since they will overpower the delicate flavors of the greens.

People Also Ask

Does wine get you drunk?

Although the effects of wine vary from person to person, being “wine drunk” is typically described as a “warm and cozy kind of drunk” where one feels relaxed (but not sleepy) and still like themselves. Some people claim that drinking wine causes them to become talkative and even dizzy.

How long should wine sit before being sipped?

Wine can oxidize when you let it breathe for a short time. This is called “oxidation,” and it helps to soften the flavors and bring out the smells. Most red and white wines taste better after being out in the air for at least half an hour.

What makes Pinot Noir good for you?

Because it has a lot of resveratrol, Pinot Noir is thought to be the healthiest wine. It contains little sugar, fewer calories, and little alcohol because it is made from grapes with thin skin. 


Try these proven pizza and wine pairings on your next pizza night. Your guests will love these!

I only mentioned the common types of pizza. However, you can still discover the best pairing. Experimenting is a great way to learn more about pizza and wine pairings.

You can pair your favorite pizza with your favorite wine as long as you enjoy the taste.

Also, I tried to make my pizza using this S-KITCHN Crepe Pan. It was great! Take a look at my product review here.

Am I missing out on one of your favorite pizzas? Let me know in the comments, and let’s find a matching wine!