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Where To Buy A Yonanas Machine

Yonana machines are widely available in all traditional kitchen accessories outlets.  

Have you heard about the Yonanas Machines and looking to get your hands on one?  Whether you’re looking for the classic, deluxe, or elite model.. They are all widely available!

Yonanas makes are becoming more and more popular as a guilt-free healthy way to enjoy ice cream-like soft serve made from fruit. (Although you can mix in chocolate, Oreos, and other tasty treats).


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Where To Buy A Yonanas Machine


First on the list is the king of online retail.  Amazon’s prices, at the time of writing this, are a bit more expensive than what I see for the other options- at least the online options.  However, Amazon typically offers free 2-day shipping for prime members which may make it the cost-effective and most convenient option for you.


Target is a great neighborhood option to check out as well that has a great online shopping selection.  Target does not offer in-store options for the Yonana.  However, they do include free shipping, but only for the classic model.


Online, Walmart has the Yonanas at great prices and a variety of color. Not only does Walmart match Amazon’s pricing but they also match the 2-day shipping.  Going into a physical Walmart may be hit or miss. Often times Walmart offers additional discounts, so you may find a better deal.  There’s also a chance that the Yonanas may be out of stock! 


Kohls offers the Yonanas models- however the prices seem to be higher than all the other options through their online store.  They do offer free shipping, since the Yonanas sells for over $35.  This may be a better option if you have Kohls cash or other specific Kohls deals to use. 

Best Deals Today 

This site focuses on refurbished or used appliances at a steep discount.  You’ll find prices as low as $25 (that’s including shipping!).  However, you do have to be careful that the motor is in good condition.  

While there is a guarantee protecting your purchase against fraud.. I always prefer to buy new kitchen equipment. Especially when dealing with appliances that handle raw food, such as the Yonanas.

Yonanas Website

Of course, there’s the Yonana Maker’s website.  They offer all of their makes and models for purchase- unlike some websites that only offer certain colors or certain models. 

And they even include a complimentary book of recipes! However, shipping is additional. 

People Also Ask

Does the fruit for Yonanas have to be frozen?

Three simple steps are required to use Yonanas: freeze your fruit, thaw it, and then place it in the chute. Yes, it really is that easy. Fruits like bananas, strawberries, pineapples, mango, and peaches, among many others, can be used, and they can be purchased fresh or frozen in advance.

Is Yonanas healthy?

Yonanas is a healthy dessert option that is also easy to use and clean. But unprocessed fruit was left in the blade and may hurt your health.

How long does it take bananas to freeze for yonanas?

Peel the bananas and put it in a ziplock. Freeze it for about an hour. It should be frozen solid before putting them in Yonanas machine.