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The 15 Best Ideas For Simple Garden At Home (Under $200)

Looking for some of the best ideas for a simple garden at home? All without spending too much cash?

Improve your garden with these ideas all under $200. And if you’re new to gardening you may want to see what it takes to have a successful garden.

So you’ve always dreamed of having a lush green outdoor space? The good news is that you won’t have to spend a lot on major landscaping redesigns.

There are various ways to breathe new life into your garden without spending lots of money.

You might also want to check some tips on designing your outdoor kitchen. Or, if you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen, I also got some ideas for you!

Get inspired and start your simple-at-home garden!

1. Make DIY planters

simple garden at home: make your own planters

Container gardening brings life and appeals to your garden by adding color and layers. But large outdoor planters can be expensive.

Repurpose old glass jam jars and containers to make festive small planters for herbs or flowering plants instead of throwing them away. To add color, use leftover acrylic spray paint.

2. Repainting

simple garden at home: repaint!

You’ll be surprised how much a new coat of paint can change the look of an aging fence. It also serves as an eye-catching backdrop for green and jewel-toned plants. The color black is the best choice.

‘The depth this color gives is magical for garden designers; paint a fence black, and it disappears. A shed becomes less of an eyesore, and that old bench suddenly becomes a chic focal point,’ says Chelsea Flower Show garden designer Andrew Duff.

3. Make it cozy

simple garden at home: make it cozy

Your outdoor kitchen lets you and your family cook together. But your garden is where your guests eat and spend time.

Pile on pillows to give wood and metal patio furniture a soft touch. It will make your backyard more inviting. Choose long-lasting outdoor materials in bright colors and patterns for a style that will last all season.

4. Plant and divide

simple garden at home: divide it up

Buying perennials that you can divide is a cost-effective way to fill flowerbeds with nice plants.

It may appear to be advanced gardening, but it is not. Simply remove the plant from its pot. And tear it apart into two or three pieces, each having a few stalks and roots. Dig a hole for each portion and place it in your flowerbed.

If you’re new to gardening, check out my beginner’s guide on gardening. 

You’ll have a stunning display for very little money in a few years.

5. Make plant tags from cork

simple garden at home: make plant tags from cork

Popping some wine to pair with the various meats you’ll be serving at your cookout? Upcycle the corks from bottles of wine you’ve enjoyed with friends into vegetable tags.

Carefully cut off 1/5 of the cork to reveal a flat surface. Then, write each vegetable’s name on it with a marker.

Put a wooden skewer through the bottom of the cork to give your tag height. When growing your vegetables, stick the skewer into the ground to remind you what’s what.

6. Make use of small spaces in your home

simple garden at home: use small spaces

Not all houses have a dedicated front or back yard for a garden. You can use small spaces in your home to transform them into a garden. 

You can create an eye-catching space on the side of your house by filling it with a wide variety of plants and flowers. It all comes together beautifully with the addition of a stone walkway. Gravel is a more cost-effective alternative than pavement.

7. Vertical planting

simple garden at home:  plant vertically

Add vertical planting with your garden screen ideas to make a statement. I am talking about wall-mounted pots, vertical gardens, and plants that grow vertically.

Add vertical planting with your garden screen ideas to make a statement. I am talking about wall-mounted pots, vertical gardens, and plants that grow vertically.

Start with fast-growing climbers like clematis armandii or wisteria for the cheapest choice. For the best results, get the most mature plant you can afford. 

If you’re looking for ways to make a small garden appear larger, check it out here.

simple garden at home: shape your garden

8. Get it into shape

Cutting the lawn into a defined shape, such as a circle, square, or oblong, is a simple and cost-effective way to transform your garden. Mark it with string and cut away the excess grass with a spade. It’s a simple task that should only take an afternoon.

9. DIY garden bar

simple garden at home: make a bar!

Do you want to have a place in your garden where you can entertain guests? Create your wine bar if an outdoor bar is out of your price range.

You can enjoy making sangria by admiring your garden’s lush greenery! It is also a nice spot to have picnics at home. 

Get some tips on planning a perfect summer picnic for the family!

10. Decorate a nice garden wall

simple garden at home: have a garden wall

Create a display area for plants and garden ornaments to brighten your outdoor garden. 

You can use simple wooden shelves and brackets. Install mini shelves at various heights or one longline shelf to span the entire wall surface. Choose a variety of outdoor pots, lanterns, and greenery in various heights and sizes, and arrange them in mini groupings along the shelves.

11. Start a small veggie garden

simple garden at home: small veggie garden

Dedicating a tiny part of the garden to veggies or herbs is a unique and beautiful design. It looks amazing, but it also provides food that you can eat!

The Aquaponics system is a great addition to your garden. You can have both veggies or herbs and fish grown together.

Here are some guaranteed tips for successful gardening and how to plant and grow herbs

12. Grow a lawn from seeds

simple garden at home:  grow a lawn

Green grass is perfect for summer picnics or as a place for the kids to run around and burn off steam. However, if you’ve been thinking about getting one, you might be concerned about the costs. 

But there is another option that is easier and cheaper. Growing a lawn from seed. If you plant it at the right time of year, you won’t even have to wait that long for it to grow.

13. Keep up with small garden trends

simple garden at home: use trends

Keeping up with small garden trends is a great way to add a new look to your garden. 

Small galvanized zinc pots are an excellent way to combine current trends into small spaces. 

Rustic bucket-style metal planters filled with traditional and colorful plants give off an effortlessly chic farmhouse vibe. Place them on stairwells, windowsills, or garden shelves to add a touch of rustic charm.

14. Transform your garden with lights

simple garden at home: add lights!

It’s all about the ambiance here! Outdoor lights are a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to add a nice glow to a garden. 

People often use solar garden lights, but you can also use outdoor battery lights like string lights and lanterns. 

If you have fairy lights or festoon lights, you can wrap them through tree or bush branches, attach them to fences and furniture, or hang them from canes stuck in the ground.

simple garden at home:  do your own garden work

15. Do your own garden work

Labor costs can make for more than 60% of the cost of a garden makeover. So think about what you can do yourself.

You can DIY  planting, paving a fresh lawn, timber-raised beds, simple plumbing, and even construct a deck.

People Also Ask

How does gardening relieve stress?

You can feel more peaceful and happy when you garden. Focusing on the immediate tasks and details of gardening can help you feel better in the moment by taking your mind off of bad thoughts and feelings. Many people feel less stressed just by being near plants. 

How do I know if a plant is established?

When a plant has grown enough roots to get the water and nutrients it needs from the soil around it, it is considered to be established. It is firmly planted in the ground by its many roots.

Why do we need soil amendments for our plants?

Soil amendments are used to assist roots and plants grow in a better environment.

This includes making the soil better in terms of its structure, its ability to hold water, its ability to get nutrients, and its ability to be a habitat for soil organisms, which are essential for plants to grow.


There are a variety of low-cost backyard ideas available. But you won’t have to spend a lot because these backyard remodeling ideas will save you money!

You won’t believe how much better the space will look. Plus, now that you have more space, you’ll want to sit outdoors more often or buy colorful decorations.

How do you want your simple-at-home garden to look? Let me know in the comments below!