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The 9 Best Silicone Spatulas (2024 Review and Guide)

If you like to cook or bake, you’ve probably come across silicone, a harmless, flexible material. It’s a kitchen must-have that makes cooking and baking a breeze. So we rounded up the best silicone spatulas for 2024.


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What are the advantages of using a silicone spatula on cookware?

Simply said, silicone is best known for protecting and keeping crucial non-stick cookware in high-temperature cooking settings. So, if you are using enameled cast iron or a porcelain grill, these spatulas will be the best tool to use. They’re slim, flexible, and light, making them unable to scratch or nick your cookware.. yet sturdy enough to lift a fried egg without splattering it.

There are many different silicone spatulas on the market, and deciding which one is the best might be difficult. We’re here to assist you with that!

The 9 Best Silicone Spatula of 2024:

In a rush?  Here are our favorite silicone Spatula recommendations. We go into more detail about why we like them later on in this article.

Best Overall: GIR Mini 11-inch Flip Spatula$$BEST PRICE
Best set: OXO Good Grips 3-piece Silicone Spatula Set$$$BEST PRICE
Best for Batters:  GIR Silicone Spatula Ultimate 11 IN$$$BEST PRICE
Best Jumbo: Tovolo Flex-Core All Silicone Jumbo Spatula$$BEST PRICE
Best High End: Get It Right Premium Silicone Spatula
Best High Heat: Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG1963000000 High Heat Silicone Spatula, 13.5″
Best Spoonula: StarPack Home Premium Silicone Spoonula$$BEST PRICE
Best for Jars: OXO Good Grips Jar Spatula
Best Double-Sided: Orblue Flexible Dual-Sided Silicone Spatula

Our Favorite Silicone Spatula Review

Here are my recommendations for the best Silicone Spatula to have in your kitchen. All of the products included are of the highest quality, and each one excels in a different way.

Best Overall: GIR Mini 11-inch Flip Spatula

best silicone spatula: GIR Mini 11-inch Flip Spatula

The Highlights:


+ Lightweight

+ Fiberglass core so it won’t get too hot

+ Angled handle to give more agility when working


Tiny size limits it versatility

Handle might be a quite short

Loses nonstick nature at high temperature

GIR’s silicone spatula is the best overall that we have reviewed. This silicone-coated spatula is ideal for non-scratching your delicate cookware. Its curved, tapered edge glides easily under brittle biscuits or cooked eggs without crushing them. 

This spatula has a single piece of silicone wrapped around a fiberglass core for increased heat resistance. It’s also great for kitchen flipping on a regular basis. To keep this spatula nonstick, it is not recommended to use it up to 465 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best Set: OXO Good Grips 3-piece Silicone Spatula Set

best silicone spatula: OXO Good Grips 3-piece Silicone Spatula Set


+ Stain resistant

+ It has high gloss smooth finish

+ Affordable price for a set of spatula


Handles are thick

It is a bit stiff and needs to be press harder

The angled end does not scrape well at the bottom

OXO is a well-known brand that is frequently used in the kitchen. This spatula did not disappoint in terms of quality, as OXO manufacture high-quality products. 

This is a good deal for a spatula set of good quality that can be used for baking or cooking. This is available in a variety of colorful hues that will look great in your kitchen. Small spatula for small bowls and jars, everyday spatula for all types of recipes, and spoon spatula for scooping and scraping are all included in the set. 

However, the most common complaint about this spatula is that it is a little firm, requiring you to press more on it to bend its head, but aside from that, it will last a long time in your kitchen.

Best for Batters: GIR Silicone Spatula

best silicone spatula: GIR Silicone Spatula


+ It comes in one piece

+ Strong enough to dig off heavy batter

+ Proprietary fiberglass core with stay cool handle


Only comes in one small size

It may lose nonstick at high temperature

GIR has produced yet another high-quality product. With a sturdy enough construction to dig hard cookie dough and it was awarded Wirecutter’s Best Silicone Spatula. 

Whether you need to scrape the last bit of jam from the jar or whip thick batter, this spatula can handle it. This spatula is constructed from a single piece of silicone that is wrapped around a fiberglass core for increased heat resistance. 

It comes in one piece, so you won’t have to worry about holes, seams, or cracks trapping food and building bacteria.

Best Jumbo: Tovolo Flex-Core All Silicone Jumbo Spatula

best silicone spatula: Tovolo Flex-Core All Silicone Jumbo Spatula


+ Nylon core for added rigidity

+ Smooth surface for even spreading

+ Durable that can is heavy dough bread


Head and handle come apart

Edges of the head don’t bend well

If you have small bowls, this is not a good size for you

Have you heard of the term “flex-core”? This is the new standard spatula, which has a nylon core in the silicone spatula’s head. As a result, it’s rigid enough to handle large mixing jobs. 

It is indeed for heavy mixing for your bread dough, given its jumbo design. The ergonomically constructed handles give users a secure grip. With this spatula, you can  read, yset, and flex your meal.

Best High End: Get It Right Premium Silicone Spatula

best silicone spatula: get it right brand


+ Blades are stain resistant

+ Made of silicone blade and nylon handle

+ Clean-rest feature keeps blade off countertops to reduce cross-contamination


Edges of the blade may deteriorate 

Handle isn’t ergonomically designed

Flexibility of the tip of the blade is not that perfect for round bowls

Rubbermaid’s spatula is an all-purpose kitchen utensil designed for high-heat temperatures, but it also has a high-end design with its white blade and red handle. 

Are you concerned about this product’s white blade? Don’t worry, it’s stain resistant, so you can use it with colored foods without fear of staining the blade. It also has a clean-rest feature that keeps the blade off the counters, preventing cross-contamination.

Best High Heat: Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG1963000000 High Heat Silicone Spatula

best silicone spatula: Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG1963000000 High Heat Silicone Spatula


+ Built-in handle and blade

+ Block bacteria and dirt build-up

+ Silicone blade and nylon handle can resist heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit


Visible stains

Not compatible with smaller bowls

It doesn’t scoop well, it leaves residue

It’s made of high-quality commercial-grade materials that can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring that your mixing or scraping doesn’t wear out. And it’s been created with a unique clean-rest feature that’s a great addition to the design because it helps avoid cross-contamination. 

If you’re working with a large bowl, this spatula is ideal. It’s suitable for both commercial and residential use. However, it would be preferable if the spatula was a different color than white in order to avoid the stains.

Best Spoonula: StarPack Home Premium Silicone Spoonula

best silicone spatula: StarPack Home Premium Silicone Spoonula


+ Versatile to use

+ Made of sturdy and food-grade silicone

+ It can resist bacteria, heat, melting and warping


It is short and thin

It snaps off in its base

– Too flimsy for thick soups

Are you dreaming of a beautiful and soft spatula to use with your nonstick cookware? It’s a dream come true with this product! 

It’s made to be used as a serving spoon/spatula in the kitchen. This is why it’s known as “spoonula.” It is safe for your foods  for its resistantance to bacterial growth. With this spoonula, ideal for scraping, mixing, and serving, your nonstick cookware is in good hands. 

Although this product is ideal for mixing soups, its flimsy structure makes it unsuitable for thick soups.

Best for jars: OXO Good Grips Jar Spatula

best silicone spatula: OXO Good Grips Jar Spatula


+ Nice and firm build

+ It can get into tight spaces

+ Slim and can get into smaller jars


It is too stiff

It may crack and tear

Food clings to the spatula

Do you have a Vitamix or do you struggle to get food into tight jars? The OXO solved it with their nice and firm build jar spatula that can get into tight spaces in your jars.

We’ve used this product after blending in the Vitamix and it’s guaranteed to remove food residue from your blender or jars. OXO never ceases to impress us with their high-quality products, which are an excellent kitchen investment.

Best Double-Sided: Orblue Flexible Dual-Sided Silicone Spatula

best silicone spatula: Orblue Flexible Dual-Sided Silicone Spatula - Green


+ Good multitasker

+ Slides easily in the bowl

+ It is one-piece construction


It is heavy in weight

The dual side makes its awkward in handling

Looking for a spatula that can be used for both cooking and baking? Orblue offers a dual-sided silicone spatula in this product. The spatula’s one end is meant for flipping, while the other end is a spoon that may be used for a variety of kitchen tasks. 

When it comes to gripping the spatula, however, its dual-sided structure is a disadvantage. When you’re using it, it’s a little awkward to handle, but the good news is that it’s made of one piece and is very sturdy.

A Guide Before Buying Silicone Spatula

Different varieties of spatulas are classed based on their intended use. They’re one of the most often used kitchen utensils, and they’re bound to get a lot of use.

As a result, it is important to think about these factors before purchasing one.

Heat Resistance:

Given its material’s potential to distort or melt at high temperatures, it’s critical to examine a silicone spatula’s heat resistance.

The high temperature should not be a problem for a good spatula. Even after lengthy exposure, they will keep their shape and will not melt or deform. The majority of silicone spatulas can resist temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit.


A silicone head and a strong handle are two essential elements of some of the best-rated silicone spatulas. This sturdy handle is available in a variety of materials, including wood, solid plastic, and metal. It’s critical to select a solid and long-lasting handle that will make holding and moving the spatula simple.

Size and Shape:

You’ll need spatulas of various sizes and shapes, depending on your demands. Small spatulas may be a better option if you’re looking for a spatula to utilize with your sandwiches or for flipping. When it comes to frosting, spatulas are often narrow in width, allowing them to reach small spaces.

Ease of Use:

A quality spatula has a comfortable grip and is flexible enough to flip pancakes or scrape out contents from the rims of a bowl or jar without difficulty. Always choose a silicone spatula that is hard, flexible, and designed ergonomically.


One of the most important aspects to look for is whether the item is made of FDA-approved food-grade silicone. It should also be devoid of BPA and latex. It must also be strong and long-lasting. While some tools are made entirely of silicone, others have stainless steel or hardwood handles.

It’s also a plus if the silicone spatula includes a function that prevents bacteria and dirt from forming on the surface of your meal.

People Also Ask

How can You get rid of odors on Your silicone spatulas?

You can eliminate unpleasant smells from your silicone spatula by placing it in an equal amount that consists of vinegar white and water. Simply pour enough in to cover it and allow it to sit for around an hour before washing. After you washed them, let the spatula air dry, and it’s ready to use again.

Is silicone toxic when heated?

The FDA states that silicone will not react with other materials or release harmful compounds when heated, and is safe to be used in food contact.

What are silicone spatulas used for?

Spatulas are more than just mixing ingredients. You can use them to fold creams, batters, or any other moist ingredient that you need to fold in something light, such as egg whites. You can also use them to fold crepes and omelets. Spatulas can also be used for scraping food from the bowl before transferring them to a new container. Make sure that you’re getting every drop.


In the kitchen, we all know how handy and important a spatula is. The GIR Mini 11-inch Flip Spatula is the best overall recommendation if we’re talking about kitchen wear and tear. This provides you enough flexibility and agility in the kitchen to conduct your regular flipping. This spatula also features a fiberglass element that prevents it from overheating.

Are you looking for a good deal on a spatula? This OXO Good Grips 3-piece Silicone Spatula Set is inexpensive but provides you with high-end functionality in your spatulas. It comes in three different spatula styles, all of which are beneficial in the kitchen.

As previously stated, the heat resistance of a silicone spatula is important to consider, and the Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG1963000000 High Heat Silicone Spatula is the best in high heat. This is built of high-quality commercial-grade materials and can resist temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit without deforming or melting.

You’ve probably chosen the best silicone spatula to have, and it’s probably preferable to use it with cast iron or nonstick induction cookware. Let me know which silicone spatula you plan to buy in the comments.