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The 9 Best Cast Iron Waffle Makers (2024 Review & Guide)

What could be better than homemade waffles and freshly brewed coffee for breakfast? It’ll be simple to make with these 9 best cast iron waffle makers.


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Best Cast Iron Waffle Makers Of 2024

Why You Should Get Cast Iron Waffle Makers

Imagine a fluffy soft texture with a hint of crispness, some delectably rich and semi-sweet flavors, and smokey bacon, maple syrup, and whipped cream on top. Mouthwatering, isn’t it? 

There are lots of reasons why a cast-iron waffle maker is preferable to an electric waffle maker. To produce tasty waffles, cast iron waffle makers do not require electricity. You can use it to make delicious, light, and fluffy waffles over a stove, campfire, or gas oven.

Not to mention that they are simple to clean and heat up quickly. When I use a cast iron waffle maker, it reminds me of my grandma making waffles for the morning. These traditional waffle irons are similar to the ones your grandparents used.

What to Look for When Buying Cast Iron Waffle Makers

There are many cast iron waffle makers to choose from in the market. Taking these factors into consideration might help you find the best one for your needs.


You may need a larger waffle maker if you often make larger batches. Many waffle makers can make more than four waffles at once.

There are cast iron waffle makers on the market that can make scalloped-edged waffles. These waffles can be eaten whole or split into slices. Waffle makers in Belgium usually only make one waffle at a time. Round waffles, on the other hand, are readily divided and frequently quartered.


It is simple to determine because you most likely already have a purpose in mind. If you want to make Belgium waffles, you’ll need a waffle iron with a great, thick design.

If all you want to do is create classic waffles, any standard waffle iron will do. Even a Belgian waffle maker will work with it. 


Durability is what matters, regardless of how expensive or affordable a product is. Purchasing from reliable brands is one way to ensure durability.

Cast iron is one of the most sturdy and long-lasting cooking materials. It can endure incredibly high temperatures, doesn’t scratch, is exceptionally long-lasting, and is inherently non-stick. Also, look for hinges and handles that are both strong and durable.


Special care is needed when cooking, cleaning, and maintaining cast iron waffle makers. It is what will affect the product’s durability. The most important aspect is seasoning. You should do it regularly and with the proper oil.

Waffle Shape

Waffles can be either square or round. There are also waffle makers that shape like cartoon characters, animals, or other funny forms. But it will not affect the texture or flavor of the waffles.

Cast Iron Waffle Makers Product Reviews

Here are the reviews of the best Cast Iron Waffle Makers

Check out the video below!

1. Best Overall Cast Iron Waffle Maker: HAWOK Cast Iron Waffle Maker

This best overall cast iron waffle maker is a typical round waffle maker with a simple design. It has a diameter of 6.7 inches and makes ideal classic size waffles.

The finished product will have a traditional honeycomb pattern and divided into four sections. The hinges are simple to remove, doing cleaning and seasoning a breeze.

Note: Do not forget to remove the factory wax coating before using it. 

The Highlights:


+ It heats up faster 

+ Small and compact design for easy storage 

+ It comes with protective factory wax coating to prevent rust 


– Handles are too short

– The handle may break over time

– The finished product may be too small for your needs

2. Best Durable: Rome Industries Old Fashioned Waffle Cast Iron

If you’re looking for the best durable cast iron waffles that are perfect for the outdoors. Then look no further since this is what you’re looking for.

This waffle maker is small and easy to operate. It has a diameter of 6.7 inches and a thickness of 1 inch. It’s quite easy to use. Simply knead the materials, put the ingredients into a mold, and lay it on the cooktop or a fire-wood burner.


+ It is easy to use 

+ The construction is made to last 

+ Non-stick waffler maker if seasoned well 


– Short handles

– It requires regular seasoning 

– It may produce uneven browning 

3. Best for Camping: Rome’s 1028 Chuckwagon Waffle Cast Iron

Do you enjoy going on campings? Waffles are a popular breakfast choice among campers. I mean, who doesn’t like waffles? This waffle maker is ideal for outdoor use.

This iron waffle maker features long wooden handles that make it ideal for camping or picnic. It’s also simple to store because the handles are detachable. It is lightweight and portable. Bringing this to your camping will solve your breakfast problem.


+ It has long wooden handles

+ Detachable sides and handles 

+ Small and lightweight, perfect for travels 


– Handles may bend and broke

– It may be hard to brown the waffle 

– It is hard to fill it with batter because it opens so wide 

4. Best Pre-seasoned: Lehmans Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Waffle Maker

We all want our cast iron products to be pre-seasoned when we buy them. It offers convenience since we don’t have to season before using it. Fortunately, this Lehmans cast iron waffle maker comes pre-seasoned.

This product also has the benefits of being durable, naturally non-stick, and withstanding higher temperatures. It measures 7 inches in diameter and has a four-division honeycomb pattern.


+ It comes pre-seasoned 

+ It has double rims to prevent spilling 

+ Detachable halves for easy cleaning 


– The weight is a bit heavy 

– It can only be seasoned with vegetable oil

– It not properly dried after washing, it might rust 

5. Best with wooden handles: Texsport Outdoor Cast Iron Waffle Maker

Then, this waffle maker will provide you with safety and guarantee cool handles when cooking, thanks to its wooden handles.

It also comes with a stand to provide stability and keep the cast iron away from direct heat. It provides you with more control over how quickly your waffles bake. It has a ball joint hinge design that can quickly flip without flipping the entire waffle iron.


+ Strong wooden handles

+ The base is framed for stability 

+ It is resistant to chipping and warping 


– It is too bulky 

– The handles might loosen 

– The weight is heavy and might be difficult to flip

6. Best waffle design: HAWOK Cast Iron Heart Shaped Waffle Maker

Do your kids like having waffles for breakfast? If that’s the case, this product is perfect. It has the best waffle pattern, which is shaped like a heart. It’s ideal for serving kids and loved ones.

This waffle maker makes five waffles in the shape of a heart. It’s lightweight, and the hinge design makes it easier to cook evenly on both sides of the waffles. Because of its compact size, it’s convenient to carry.


+ Lightweight and easy to use 

+ Protective factory wax coating to keep it from rusting

+ The finished product will be perfect heart shape waffles 


– It can be too small for adults 

– The handles are too short and get too hot 

– It quickly gets too hot and burns the waffles 

7. Best Compact design: HAWOK Cast Iron Square Waffle Maker

This compact square waffle iron allows you to create something other than the usual round waffles because its compact shape is beneficial when you don’t have a lot of storage space.

This product is built of pre-seasoned cast iron and is light in weight. It also includes three brushes to make cleaning a breeze. A stainless steel wire brush, a nylon wire brush, and a brass wire brush are included in the package.


+ It quickly heats up 

+ Lightweight and compact 

+ It has protective factory wax coating


– The handles are too short 

– Handles may break over time 

– The finished product is only ideal for one person

8. Most ergonomic: HAWOK Heart-Shaped Cast Iron Waffle Maker

Another heart-shaped waffle maker, but this one has a longer, ergonomic handle. It is ideal as a gift for your loved ones.

A set of cloth handle covers and a silicone pastry brush are included to help clean and season the cast iron. This product is also pre-seasoned and comes with instructions on how to season it properly. It can make five heart-shaped waffles.


+ It has a heart shape design 

+ It comes in pre-seasoned with baked-on vegetable oil

+ Long handles with two cotton handle holders to protect the hands from burning 


– Finished products may be too small 

– It can get hot quickly and burn the waffles 

9. Best for Belgium Waffles: NordicWare Cast Aluminum Stovetop

Who doesn’t enjoy a Belgium waffle with additional syrup? Belgium waffles are best made with this waffle iron maker. It’s a compact waffle maker that makes 7.25-inch waffles.

The mold can produce four delicate, crisp waffles at a time, which is plenty for larger families on the go in the morning. However, It is not technically a cast iron but rather a cast aluminum lighter than cast iron.


+ Makes four thick Belgium waffles 

+ It has heat resistant plastic handles 

+ Flat and compact that takes less space in the storage 


– The non-stick coating may peel off 

– The handles may come off over time 

– It might take a longer time to heat up 

People Also Ask

Can you use a cast iron waffle maker in the oven?

You can use cast iron pans on any cooktop, including gas, electric, ceramic, glass, and induction, over a wood fire, on a grill, and in the oven.

Why are my waffles sticking to the cast iron?

Waffles can stick for a variety of reasons, including not having hot enough iron. The cooking spray has built upon the nonstick surface. There is either too much or not enough fat in the batter. 

Waffles will not stick to the waffle maker if you use enough oil or butter. Also, make sure your batter is thick and that you allow enough time for your waffles to cook.

Do you need to grease a waffle iron?

Although the waffle iron is nonstick, you should still spray or brush the plates with neutral oil.


Many professional cooks and home cooks nowadays prefer cast iron waffle makers over electric waffle makers. The cast iron waffle maker is significantly superior and far more durable than the modern waffle maker.

The HAWOK Cast Iron Waffle Maker is our recommendation for the best overall cast iron waffle maker. A standard round waffle maker with a simple design.  It has a diameter of 6.7 inches and is perfect for traditional waffles.

The Rome’s 1028 Chuckwagon Waffle Cast Iron is also ideal if you enjoy outdoor picnics or camping. It’s small and easy to carry. It has long detachable hardwood handles for easy storage.

The NordicWare Cast Aluminum Stovetop is, of course, the best for making Belgium waffles. It’s a small waffle maker that makes waffles with a diameter of 7.25 inches. The mold can make four delicate crispy waffles.

What toppings or syrup do you like to pair your waffles? Let us know in the comments.