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How To Use A Yonanas Maker (Classic Deluxe, and Elite) Step by Step

Using the yonanas makes is usually as simple as plugging in your device, snapping on the chute, and adding your ingredients. Depending on what your tastes are, there are a ton of surprisingly healthy and delicious yonanas recipes to choose from! 

It’s important your ingredients are not TOO frozen. That can damage the Yonana’s motor.  Although, the elite unit does have a stronger motor. Yonana’s machines are gaining more popularity at home, since you can make non-dairy frozen desserts.  It’s almost the equivalent of a soft serve ice cream.  

And you’ll want to make sure you’re using the Yonanas maker correct so you don’t damage it!


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Make Your Yonanas Treat:

Check out the video below!

How To Use A Yonanas Maker Classic ...
How To Use A Yonanas Maker Classic Deluxe, and Elite Step by Step

Step 1

Verify that the machine is plugged in.  Before you turn it on, you’ll want to place the chute on top and twist it to lock into place.  

Step 2

Have your ingredients ready!  Frozen bananas and mangoes work best as a base. However, you can mix in chocolate, Oreo cookies, and much more.  For your fruit ingredients, freeze for 24 hours. Take your fruit from your freezer to thaw for 7-10 minutes. You want the fruits slightly softened.

Step 3

Flip the power button to on. 

Step 4

Make sure you have a bowl below the spout of your Yonanas maker. Add your ingredients into the chute. Use your plunger as necessary. I recommend alternative ingredients for a more consistent finished product. If the consistency isn’t smooth, like soft-serve, thaw the fruit just a bit longer.

Step 5

Repeat with your frozen fruits, chocolate, and soon on according to the recipe.

Step 6

Once all your ingredients are blended (or YO-ed), remove the chute assembly from the yonanas base.  Unscrew the cont and scrape out any extra food that might be in there.  (Feel free to take a taste!)

Step 7

To clean, separate all the parts of the chute assemble. Clean with soapy water.  This is also top rack safe for the dishwasher.

Now you’re all ready to enjoy your healthy delicious guilt-free Yonanas frozen treat!  Enjoy.
And if you’re curious about the differences between the Yonana makers models, check out our guide here.

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