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Amazon’s 8 Best Healthy Ice Cream Brands (2024 Review and Guide)

You can enjoy healthy homemade ice cream with the best ice cream maker. Or even make But too busy to make one? Here are Amazon’s 8 best healthy ice cream brands of 2024.


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Amazon’s 8 Best Healthy Ice Cream Brands (2024 Review and Guide)

1Halo TopBest Overall
2NadaMoo!Best Vegan
3Talenti Organic GelatoBest Organic
4Edy’s Slow ChurnedBest Low-Calorie
5Breyers No Sugar AddedBest No Sugar Added
6Yasso Greek Yogurt BarsBest Yogurt Bar
7reBLEND Frozen Smoothie ShotsBest Ice Pops
8Ben & Jerry’s Non-DairyBest Unique Flavors

Why You Should Get Healthy Ice Cream Brands

Ice cream is a great dessert at any time of the year. However, most ice creams sold in stores contain a lot of sugar and calories from fat. Plus, some have suspicious ingredients and additives.

That’s why making homemade ice cream is a great way to enjoy healthy and delicious desserts at home. And I got some ice cream recipes for you. Check out these 3-ingredient homemade ice cream recipes, no-egg ice cream recipes, and homemade ice cream using milk!

But some of you don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen. And I’m sure you’re looking for healthy ice cream that’s organic, vegan, keto-friendly, and low in calories. The great news is that healthy ice cream is now available on Amazon!

But there are tons of low-cal ice cream out there. And it’s hard to know which ones are worthy of a place in your freezer. Do not worry! I’ve rounded up the best healthy ice cream brands to save you from having a disappointing scoop.

What to Look for When Buying Healthy Ice Cream Brands

There are plenty of healthy ice cream brands to choose from in the market, and the choices can be overwhelming. Considering these factors might help you find the best one for your needs.


Extra flavor enhancers, chemical thickeners, food coloring, ready-made simple syrups, and artificial sweeteners make ice creams unhealthy.

The best ice creams use fresh, pesticide-free fruit year-round. Every ingredient should have high quality, including high-grade milk and proper pasteurization.

A longer list of ingredients usually means the product is processed.


Producers pay close attention to how their ice cream looks to catch a person’s interest immediately. 

But, as people become more health conscious, checking the ingredients of ice creams is more important than the appearance. Whether you’re a fitness freak or just looking to have ice cream, always look up the nutritional value and ingredients listed on the product’s packaging.

Choose an ice cream with fewer calories and natural or organic ingredients.


It may seem like an odd idea. Ice cream is indeed frozen, but freshness is important when buying. If the ingredients in the ice cream are carefully selected, and of high quality, it will keep its freshness. But artificially preserved options that fade in freshness with time.


Texture reveals everything you must know about the making of ice cream.

A good quality ice cream will have a smooth, creamy, and soft texture. It will melt slowly in your mouth, allowing you to enjoy the rich taste and flavor.

The size of a crystal indicates how fine the ice cream is. If you notice these crystals, the ice cream is probably not of the highest quality.

And if the ice cream melts too quickly in the mouth and contains the texture of a sandy or coarse one, it is also of poor quality.

Brand Reputation

You don’t want to waste your money. You can recall spending money on something that wasn’t worth it or something you didn’t truly want.

So, be wise and read some reviews before making any final selections if you want to buy ice cream on Amazon and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Amazon’s 8 Best Healthy Ice Cream Brands Product Reviews

Here are the reviews of the best Healthy Ice Cream Brands:

1. Best overall – Halo Top 

Best Healthy Ice Cream halo top

Halo Top is the best overall healthy ice cream brand. It’s something you eat when you want ice cream. But don’t want to take in more than 1000 calories. Since only have 290 calories per pint!

It is a combination of natural and organic ingredients. Halo Top offers a line of keto-friendly ice creams.

Plus, it offers some unexpected flavors, including Banana Cream Pie, Caramel Butter Pecan, and Jelly Donut.

The Highlights:


+ Wide range of flavors

+ Less sugar, fat, and calories

+ Available in dairy, non-dairy, and keto-friendly options


– Highly processed

– Not as smooth or creamy as regular ice cream

– Needs to sit for 5 or more minutes before eating it

2. Best Vegan – NadaMoo!

Best Healthy Ice Cream nadamoo

NadaMoo! is a well-loved line of vegan and dairy-free frozen desserts made from coconut milk.

It is the most creamy coconut milk frozen dessert. You can enjoy the loaded nutrients and antioxidants with this ice cream. 

All ingredients are sourced sustainably and are fair. The vegan-friendly ice cream brand is doing its part to care for our planet and the people who live there.

I love pairing this vegan ice cream with my vegan recipes!


+ Non-dairy ice cream

+ 100% vegan friendly

+ Light and fluffy texture


– The ice cream is light and airy

– Coconut can overpower the flavors

– You can have too much gas because of the antioxidants

3. Best Organic – Talenti Organic Gelato 

Best Healthy Ice Cream talenti

It’s as if Talenti offers every flavor of Gelato under the sun. The company has 45 different flavors on regular rotation. The gelato company is known for its reusable containers.

Whether you like chocolate or vanilla, peanut butter or caramel, there is something for everyone. Plus, it is 100% organic ingredients and free of processed additives.


+ It tastes so good and is full of flavors

+ Gluten-Free, no high fructose corn syrup

+ Transparent pint with a screw-top lid is resealable, reusable, and recyclable


– They can improve the flavors

– No plastic seal on the container

– No tamper-proof mechanism to ensure safety/quality control

4. Best Low-Calorie – Edy’s Slow Churned 

Best Healthy Ice Cream edys

Edy’s ice cream is known for its lower fat content and lesser calories, with only 130 calories per serving. Low-carb cookies go well with this low-calorie ice cream.

They also offer a sugar-free added line. However, it does use fillers, artificial sweeteners, and flavors. But trust me, it is healthier than regular ice cream. 

Edy’s Slow Churned Light Ice Cream available in various flavors that will surely brighten your day. It’s a light ice cream that’s just as creamy and rich as normal ice cream. You can indulge without guilt because it’s lesser in calories.


+ Variety of flavors available

+ Only 130 calories per serving 

+ No sugar added light ice cream


– The ice cream is a little bit airy 

– The packaging is of poor quality

– Not the best choice for lactose intolerance

5. Best No Sugar Added – Breyers No Sugar Added

Best Healthy Ice Cream breyers

The well-known ice cream brand Breyers offers a range of frozen desserts. And I had to admit that I am a sucker for Breyers’ frozen desserts!

Breyers sweetened by the sugar alcohol maltitol as well as Splenda. However, according to Healthline, maltitol can cause digestive problems if consumed in large quantities.

This range of products contains a variety of fillers, as well as artificial sweeteners. If you are trying to stay clear of these ingredients, you’ll need to select a different product on this listing.


+ Uses 100% grade A milk and cream

+ Naturally sourced coloring and flavors 

+ Uses 100% grade A milk and cream


– Some find the taste bland 

– Contains artificial sweeteners

– Ice cream can get very hard and difficult to scoop

6. Best Yogurt Bar – Yasso Greek Yogurt Bars

Best Healthy Ice Cream yasso greek yogurt

Yasso bars come from frozen Greek yogurt. Making it higher in protein and lower in calories than regular ice cream.

These small bars come in flavors such as Black Raspberry Chip, Orange Cream, or Chocolate Hazelnut.

Yasso Greek bars use environmentally friendly packaging. The flavor is creamy and delicious, and there are no artificial sweeteners at only 100 calories.


+ High in protein

+ Milky fresh taste

+ No ice crystals and super healthy 


– Some users complain about receiving melted

– Tangy flavor of the yogurt can overpower the different flavors

7. Best Ice Pops – reBLEND Frozen Smoothie Shots

Best Healthy Ice Cream reblend

If you’re a fan of smoothies, you know that the perfect morning smoothie can be quite messy, even with the best blender.

These frozen, sorbet-like shots from top quality and whole food ingredients are perfect for you. It has a lot of nutrients and antioxidants and is also sugar-free.

ReBLEND features smoothie pops made of fruits and vegetable scraps. It is a perfect way to reuse those fruits and vegetables and not let their nutrients go to waste.


+ Suitable for all ages

+ Perfect for a pre/post-workout snack

+ Portable smoothie pouches to refuel on the go with no prep


– Packaging is not easy to tear

– Texture of the product is gritty

– One pack might not be enough for you

8. Best Unique Flavors – Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy

Best Healthy Ice Cream: ben and jerry's

Ben & Jerry’s is known for its unique flavored ice creams with chunks of cookie, candy pieces, and flavor swirls. They also offer a range of dairy-free and vegan frozen desserts.

While most non-dairy ice creams use coconut as the base. The brand uses sunflower butter or almond milk. It’s definitely worth trying!


+ Non-GMO ingredients

+ Certified vegan frozen dessert

+ It has a unique but delicious flavor


– Not so creamy

– Not everyone liked the unique flavors

– Texture of the ice cream is a little grainy

FAQs About Healthy Ice Cream Brands

Here are some commonly asked questions about Healthy Ice Cream Brands

Can you include ice cream in a healthy diet? 

It’s fine to indulge in occasionally a dessert as part of a healthy lifestyle. The key is moderation.

Be aware that while low-fat and low-sugar options may seem healthier, they’re not always healthier or less in calories than the other choices.

Are artificial ingredients on ice cream bad for health?

Most ice creams are highly processed. And it may contain synthetic flavors and additives. 

Some artificial ingredients and preservatives are associated with negative health effects. But others have been proven to be safe.

How to know that ice cream is healthy?

You want to avoid a few ingredients because of their dangerous natures. Here’s a list of a few to watch out for:

– Calcium sulfate
– Polysorbate 80
– Magnesium Hydroxide
– Potassium Sorbate
– Mono-and Diglycerides


Ice cream is typically high in fat, sugar, and calories. However, some great alternatives are healthier.

I was thankful that I found these healthy ice cream brands! I can eat the whole pint without feeling guilty. 

No, just kidding, always consume everything in moderation.

The best overall healthy ice cream brand is Halo Top. It has only the equivalent of 290 calories per pint. It also contains a blend of organic and natural ingredients.

If you’re looking for a lower-calorie ice cream, the best low-calorie ice cream is Edy’s Slow Churned. The brand is well-known for its lower fat content as well as its lower calories. There are only 130 calories in a serving.

And Ben & Jerry’s is the best unique flavor ice cream! Some of the flavors of ice cream are chunks of cookies, candy pieces, and swirls of flavor.

What flavor of ice cream is your favorite? Leave them in the comments!